How to identify new customers

While businesses may have different definitions of "New", being able to identify new customers at a glance is super handy. 

Especially if they require a different approach from your regular customers.

We will automatically recognise a customer as "New" if:

  1. You have just added them as a new customer.
  2. They have never had a Completed appointment with you before. 
  3. A customer will still be counted as (NEW) if they Confirmed bookings that haven't been completed.

Identifying new customers

When a customer is new, you will see a tag added to their appointments, as well as in their customer record:

From the Customers tab:

New customer - customers tab

From the Calendar sidebar:

Calendar sidebar - new customer

When you look at an appointment in the Calendar you will see a  (NEW) tag displayed next to their name:


Update the customer from new to returning

Sometimes a customer will have had an appointment with you before, which hasn't been marked as Completed, which means they still show up as being (NEW). Or, you will have different requirements for recognising (NEW) customers.

From the Customers tab:

You can manually update their Customer type to reflect whether or not they are still new:

  1. Head to the Customers tab.
  2. Select the customer's record and click Edit in the top right corner:
  3. On the Details page, update their Customer type to Returning:
  4. Click Save to update their status (which will remove the NEW identifier from their appointments).

From an existing appointment:

If the customer has had an appointment before, but is still showing up as (NEW) in the calendar, you can update their Customer type from the booking.

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar and choose Edit: 
  2. Next to the customer's name, click the Edit customer link:
  3. Update the Customer type field to Returning:
  4. Click Update to apply. The (NEW) status will be removed from the appointment/customer: 

When adding a new appointment:

You can also set a customer as New or Returning when you add an appointment for them.

  1. Add a new appointment to the calendar.
  2. Start adding a new customer name in the First/Last name box: 

  3. We will automatically check to see if there is an existing customer with that name. If no customer is found the customer will automatically be registered as a New customer.

  4. If the Customer is new to Timely, but not to the business, you can click on the New Customer field and select Returning from the list instead:

  5. Click Save to add the appointment and create a new customer record.

Note: When a customer books online, we will automatically check to see if they have an existing customer record. If their details don't match an existing record, then a new customer will be created that will be set to "New".

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