How to add taxes in Timely

Timely will automatically calculate the tax contribution for each item on your invoices, based on the default tax rate. You can set up one tax rate for all of your services and products, or assign tax to your products and services individually.

Only one tax rate can be applied to an invoice item at a time.

When it comes time to raise an invoice, the tax type will be shown next to the corresponding services and products. If tax is exclusive for that service or product then the tax will be added to the subtotal for that item:

The invoice total will how show much tax is included for the entire invoice.

Can’t see these tax options in your account? Sales and invoicing is available on our Schedule and Sell plan. To upgrade to this plan, check out our How to change your Timely plan guide.

Add new tax rates

  1. Head to Setup > Invoices & Tax.
  2. Scroll down to the Taxes section.
  3. Click the green [+] button to add a new tax type: 

  4. Enter the name and the rate in the fields provided: 

  5. Click Save to add this tax type.

To apply this tax to all of your services, products and discounts:

Underneath the Override all of your services, classes, discounts, products and packages with one tax rate: heading, select the rate from the field provided and click Apply:

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