How to add cancellation reasons

Finding out why customers cancel their appointments is really important for improving how you do business. Timely lets you create your own cancellation reasons that your customers need to choose from when they cancel their appointments. This article describes how to create and then apply your own cancellation reasons.

Create a new cancellation reason

  1. Head to Setup > Calendar settings
  2. Scroll down to the Cancellation reasons section
  3. Click the green [+] button
  4. Add a new cancellation reason in the field provided
  5. Click Save when finished.

To delete a cancellation reason, click the red rubbish tin icon next to the reason.

Using the new cancellation reasons

Once you have added the new cancellation reasons, you can now use them as follows:

  1. Head to the Calendar tab
  2. Click an appointment
  3. From the pop up, click the Cancel button
  4. Choose the reason for the cancellation from the list. If it doesn't exist, click the Add cancellation reasons link instead
  5. Click Cancel appointment to complete the cancellation.

Once an appointment has been cancelled the appointment will disappear from the calendar to free up the slot for a new appointment. The cancelled appointments and the reasons for the cancellation can be found in the Cancellations report.

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