How to add locations

One of the first things to set up on your Timely account is a location for your business, where all the action happens!

Locations can be either fixed (customers come to you), or mobile (you go to your customers), and you can have as many locations as you'd like! 

Each location has a Name, Address, Contact details and Opening hours. Locations can't be re-ordered, so make sure to add locations in the order you would like them to appear.

Your locations will automatically show up on your Timely mini-website, along with their opening hours and a handy Google map showing how to get there:

Note: While you can set Hours for a location, these are mostly for display on the mini website. To control your availability/when customers can book in online, you will need to adjust the roster or normal working hours for working staff.

Set up your first location

  1. Head to Setup > Locations
  2. Click the Add location button to add your location
  3. Add a suitable name for this location
  4. Choose location type (Fixed for standard addresses and Mobile for client specified addresses)
  5. Uncheck the Customers can book this location online checkbox if this location should not be booked through online booking
  6. Add a phone number (if required)
  7. Add the complete address
  8. Click Save to finish

Businesses that carry out services at their customer's addresses should add a mobile location rather than a fixed one (see the help guide in the Related Articles section below).

Setting your opening hours

By default, the location will be saved with the opening hours of Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

You can change these to reflect your actual business hours:

  1. Edit your new location by clicking the Edit button
  2. Go to the Hours section
  3. Check the days that your location is open
  4. For each day, adjust the start and end times accordingly
  5. Click Save

Finally, to book locations or see them on the calendar, make sure at least one staff is assigned hours at this location (head to Setup > Staff).

Note: If your business has only one staff member, or you don't have your mini-website active, then your opening hours are set by the Normal Working Hours of the staff member. In either of these situations, the Hours section won't show up when creating/editing a location.

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