How to set individual reminder settings for customers

Setting global notifications and reminders on Timely applies to all your customers by default. 

Occasionally some customers will want to have different reminder or notification settings from your default options. When this situation occurs, notification and reminders settings can be changed to suit individual customers.

You can update these setting for an individual customer under  Notifications tab in their customer's record (Customers > Edit > Notifications).


Appointment notifications

You can enable or disable both SMS and email notifications so that the customer is informed whenever any of the following happens:

  • A confirmed appointment is added to the calendar
  • The date or time of an appointment is changed
  • The appointment is cancelled

To disable all appointment notifications, uncheck both checkboxes (or which ever one applies). 

To enable appointment notifications for either SMS or email, make sure that the box is checked next to the corresponding notification. 

Click Save to apply any changes.

Appointment reminders

Most businesses will want to send an SMS or email reminder to customers before their appointment starts.  Some customers will have a preference for how they are contacted or have their own desired reminder interval.

You can update a customer's reminder settings for both email and SMS to an interval that is different from your default settings.

  1. Go to the Appointment reminders section.
  2. Under the email reminder setting, select the Use different interval for this customer option.
  3. Choose a different time interval (choose Never if you do not want to send email notifications).
  4. Under the SMS reminder setting, select the Use different interval for this customer option.
  5. Choose a different time interval (choose Never if you do not want to send SMS notifications).
  6. Click Save to apply.


SMS/text marketing

You can decide whether or not an individual customer is included in your bulk SMS marketing messages.

Just uncheck the box next to  Send this customer SMS/text marketing messages? (see below) to remove them from the list of recipients.

If a customer ever replies 'STOP' to one of your bulk SMS messages, then this setting will be automatically updated.

Example: Turn off all messages except for the email reminder

In this example the customer has indicated that they no longer want to receive any appointment notifications of any type as well as no SMS appointment reminders. However, they are still keen to receive a reminder email 24 hours before their appointment.

The process is as follows:

  1. Uncheck first checkbox under Appointment notifications
  2. Uncheck second checkbox under Appointment notifications
  3. Leave the first option (email setting) under Appointment reminders as is
  4. Click Use a different interval for this customer for the second option (SMS setting) and make sure it is set to "Never".
  5. Click Save.

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