Working with PayPal

There are a number of settings that need to be in place in your PayPal account, to make sure that payments are successfully received and invoices updated in Timely. You will need to login to your PayPal account directly to adjust the following settings:

Things looking different in your account?

You can access the Selling tools page, where most of these settings are found, by heading to this link:

Or by scrolling down to the bottom of the Summary page and clicking the Selling tools link:


Accept online payments via PayPal

To make sure that PayPal tells us when a customer has paid for their invoice, you need to enable Instant Payment Notifications. If these aren't set we won't be notified that the payment was received and the appointment will be removed from the calendar.

In your PayPal account:

  1. Go to Profile > My selling tools in the main menu.
  2. Next to the Instant payment notifications option click Update:
  3. If prompted, click Choose IPN Settings or Edit IPN Settings.
  4. Enter the URL 
  5. Make sure Receive IPN messages (Enabled) is ticked:

  6. Click Save to apply those settings.

Restoring bookings to the Calendar

If a payment has been received in PayPal, but isn't showing up as Paid in Timely, then the booking may have been removed from your calendar. You can restore any affected bookings to the calendar:

  1. In PayPal, go to the IPN history page, found via More > Sitemap > Transactions > IPN History

  2. Choose All (Last 28 days) and then click Search,
  3. Where any payments are showing as "Disabled" or "Error" you can resend them by ticking the respective check box and then clicking the Resend Selected button that appears at the top of the window: 
  4. Click Confirm when prompted. The booking will then reappear on your calendar.

Check out PayPal's guide for more information:


Remove any sales tax(es) from PayPal

Sales tax(es) loaded in PayPal are not supported for Timely online payments. Instead, tax will be added to your services and products in Timely directly. 

You will need to remove any existing sales taxes in PayPal:

  1. Go to Profile > My selling tools.
  2. In the Selling online section, click Update next to Sales tax option:
  3. Select any domestic or international sales tax from the list.
  4. Click Delete then OK to remove them.


Allow deposits or multiple payments

If you would like to request a deposit or partial payment for an online booking or invoice, you will need to allow this setting in PayPal, otherwise customers won't be able to pay the remainder of the balance online.

  1. Go to Profile > My selling tools.
  2. In the Getting paid and managing my risk section, click Update next to Block payments:

  3. Ensure that "Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold" is set to Yes.
  4. Ensure that "Block accidental payments"  is  set to "No, allow multiple payments per invoice ID":

  5. Check the box next to “ Pay with eCheck or German bank transfer...” option.
  6. Click Save to apply any changes.

Note: If your Timely account if you do not want to request deposits then you will need to make sure that the Block accidental payments is set to Yes.


Set your additional preferences

There are another couple of settings that need to be in place to make sure payments are processed and received successfully:

  1. Go to Profile > My selling tools.
  2. Click Update next to Website preferences:

  3. Make sure Auto return is set to Off.
  4. Set the Payment data transfer setting to Off.
  5. In the Encrypted Website Payments section, select Off.
  6. Scroll down to the PayPal account optional section and set this to On (this will enable credit card payments).
  7. Click Save to apply those changes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why are payments not automatically applied to the Timely invoice?
You must have a PayPal Business or Premier account. PayPal Personal accounts do not work and are not supported.

Why are payments showing as “Pending” in PayPal?
This can happen if the currency setting in your Timely account is different from your PayPal account, e.g., if your Timely account is set to “USD” ensure that you have a “USD” account in PayPal.

How to I withdraw funds from PayPal?
Completed online payments remain on PayPal until you withdraw the funds and transfer to your bank account. Read this  PayPal help guide.

How do I process refunds?
Refunds must be processed through PayPal. You can not apply refunds through Timely right now.

What fees am I charged for using PayPal?
Fees are based on transactions and differ depending on the country where your business operates. Read this  PayPal information on their fee structure.

Can I use PayPal Express Checkout with my Timely account?
It isn't currently possible to connect Express Checkout to your online booking. Express Checkout is a self-hosted online payment gateway, similar to Shopify, which is added directly to your website.

Do you support "PayPal Website Payment Pro" or "Paypal Payments Pro"?
No. It isn't currently possible to connect your Timely account to either of these PayPal options.

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