How to create recurring appointments

If your customers like to book their appointments at the same time each day, week or month then add a new appointment and set it to recur (repeat). The same steps applies to busy time.

  1. Create a new appointment or Edit an existing one.
  2. Click the Recurrence tab on the appointment window menu (this tab is currently disabled if appointment has multiple services).

  3. Choose the required interval from the Repeat drop-down list. You can choose "Daily", "Weekly, or "Monthly".

  4. Next, set the Repeat Every field to how often you want an appointment to recur.

    For example: if you want fortnightly appointments, choose "Weekly" then select the number "2" from the list.

  5. You can set the appointment to End After (x) occurrences, on a specific date or to set no end date, choose Never.
  6. Click Save to update the appointment.

Note: It is only possible to add a recurrence to an appointment with a single service. If you have more than one service in the appointment, then it won't be possible to set it as recurring.

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