How to customise your SMS message templates

You can change the content of the SMS messages that are automatically sent from Timely. We use templates to do this and here's how to use them. Head over to Setup > SMS settings and scroll down to SMS templates to get started.

The list of templates available to you depends on the notification and reminder settings of your account. For example, if you have SMS appointment reminders turned on then the " Appointment reminders" option will be available.

Choose the template you want to change and write whatever words you want to appear in the message. Make sure to include our placeholders to insert times, dates, and other dynamic content. 

For example, if you want the appointment message to read:

Hi John, this is a friendly reminder of your appointment with Doe Day Spa on Fri, 2 Aug at 11:47 AM. Look forward to seeing you!

Then you should write it up like this:

Hi FIRST_NAME, this is a friendly reminder of your appointment with BUSINESS_NAME on BOOKING_DATE. Look forward to seeing you!

The place holders must be spelt correctly (including the underscores) and they must be in upper case. Feel free to copy and paste the placeholders from the list provided (see the screenshot below). 

Click the type of message to edit. The screenshot above shows a preview of your message so you can see what it says before it is sent. To start over, reset the template by clicking the “ Reset to default” button. 

Remember to click the green  Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Note: Placeholder tags aren't currently supported in bulk SMS messaging.

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