Working with Timely and MailChimp

MailChimp is a tool that helps you design email newsletters, share them on your social networks, integrate with services (such as Timely!) and track your results. 

You can use MailChimp with Timely to send your ad-hoc or automated emails to customers and monitor the results. Here are a couple of ways you can use MailChimp:

  • Special offers or discounts
  • Business news, information and announcements
  • Follow up emails after an appointment
  • Asking customers to review your services online
  • Recall reminders to book their next appointment

Customer information only syncs from Timely to MailChimp i.e. the flow of information goes one way . If you add, modify or delete customers in Timely, these changes will automatically sync to the MailChimp list.

Creating customer segments

In MailChimp, your Timely customers are synced to a single MailChimp list. 

Your lists can be divided into segments. You can send campaigns to, or view, your segments within MailChimp. Check out this help article from MailChimp for more in-depth information.

Timely sends three kinds of data across to MailChimp, and you can use any combination of these fields and values to create segments in MailChimp. 


Customer segments

The customer segments Timely send to MailChimp are " All", "Male", "Female" and "VIP". 

You can choose which of these segments to send to MailChimp from within Timely by going to Setup > Add ons >  Email marketing (Configure) > Edit settings.

To view this segment in MailChimp, open the list, click  Manage Subscribers from the menu and choose Groups:


 Timely MailChimp tag

Tags are a specific tag field that you can use to segment your customers. You can enter any value you wish into this field, such as "facial clients" or "bootcamp attendees". To add a MailChimp tag, head to the Customer record on the Customers tab, click Edit, then click on the More Info tab.

Note: Make sure to use the "Contains" selector (not the "is" one) when creating a segment based on the MailChimp tag, especially if you have entered multiple tags for each customer.


Merge tags

Merge tags are customer specific fields that are synced for all customers, although they may not always have a value. These fields can be found as columns in MailChimp when you view the members of your list. 

The fields include:

  • Email address 
  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Company name
  • Birthday (Date)
  • Last booking date (Date and doesn't include future bookings)
  • Completed booking value (Currency)
  • Last booking staff member (Staff name)
  • Timely MailChimp tag (see above)
  • Last completed booking date (Date)
  • Last service booked
  • Last class date (Date)
  • Last class booked
  • Completed class value (Currency)
  • Last class value (Currency)
  • Has future bookings (True/False)
  • Has future classes (True/False)

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