Getting started with Timely and Vend

Vend is web-based point-of-sale and inventory management software for retail. You can use Vend alongside Timely to take payments for your appointments and to sell any retail products.

Vend has a connected eCommerce platform for online product sales, a loyalty system and offers integrated hardware (e.g. card reader/machines).

When Timely and Vend are linked, Vend becomes the master record of sale and the following features will be disabled in Timely:

  • Raising invoices.
  • Invoice and tax settings.
  • Online payments.
  • Discounts.
  • Products.
  • Financial reporting.
  • Gift vouchers.
  • Customer credit.
  • Walk-in services.
  • Taking payment for classes. These must be raised in Vend directly.

You will be able to raise sales directly into Vend, and manage products and financial reporting in Vend.

How the Vend integration works

Here's how that works from a booking perspective:

  1. The customer makes a booking with your business, via online booking. 
  2. They receive our automated notifications and reminders when they are due for their appointment.
  3. The customer comes in for their appointment in Timely.
  4. When the appointment is completed, you can click Take payment from
  5. We'll send the details of that appointment across to a new sale in Vend, with the correct customer already selected.
  6. You can then add any additional services or products to the sale.
  7. You can complete the sale by applying a payment.
  8. Once completed, you are returned to Timely where the appointment will show up as
  9. You can make the customer's next appointment and/or add any important customer notes to their record.

How do I connect Vend to my Timely account?

Our   How to setup the Vend integration guide steps you through that process, but here is the general outline of how that works:

  1. Connect Vend to your Timely account.
  2. Sync your customers between Vend and Timely.
  3. Import your Vend taxes into Timely.
  4. Map your staff and locations to Vend.

Important information

There are a few things you need to know about how the integration works:

  • An individual Timely account can only connect to one Vend store, and vice-versa.
  • Your Timely services will be synced to Vend as "products". These products will have a unique Timely code that allows us to match it to the services in Timely. Make sure not to delete the products created by Timely in your Vend account.
  • If you add new services, or make changes to your existing services then these changes will automatically sync to Vend.
  • If your business sells products as well as providing services then add these products to Vend only. Vend will not sync products back to Timely.
  • Your customers are also synced between Vend and Timely for you. If you add or modify a customer in Timely these changes will automatically get synced to Vend (and vice-versa)
  • If you delete a customer in Timely, they will not be deleted in Vend - or the other way round. When required, you will need to delete the customer's record in both Timely and Vend.
  • Once the sale has been completed the appointment will be marked as paid in Timely. This happens when the appointment is paid in full.
  • You can apply part payments against appointment sales and return to complete the sale at any time. 
  • You can sell products or walk in services via Vend, from anywhere in Timely.
  • If you use Xero as well then this will have to be connected to Vend and not Timely. This guide from Vend steps you through the process.

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