How to set up mobile locations

Some businesses conduct their work at their client's location rather than at a fixed location. An example would be a photographer who when booked must record the address the photo shoot will take place. In Timely you can set up mobile locations for situations like this as well as fixed addresses.

Add a mobile location

  1. Head to Setup > Locations.
  2. Edit (click Edit button) or create (click Add location button) a new location.
  3. Add a suitable name for this location.
  4. Click the Mobile button to change the location from fixed to a mobile location.
  5. Add a phone number if required.
  6. If customers have to add an appointment address when they book, click the Appointments require an address from the customer checkbox.
  7. Set the bookable hours for this location by going to the Hours section then choosing the relevant days and times.
  8. Click Save to finish.

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