Measure your business performance using the Timely Dashboard

Knowing how your business and staff are performing is critical for any successful business. Fortunately Timely provides a comprehensive Dashboard which shows key business data in the form of beautiful charts and summarised information. 

Since it's the first page of Timely, you can immediately see how your business is performing at a glance.

Watch the video below or read on to find out more!

If you've ever wanted to know how your  Total sales figure is calculated, we've made it super easy by adding a visual equation to the Dashboard:

Timely dashboard sales totals

This gives you a great overview of your different revenue streams.

Note: The 'Total Sales' figure does not include gift voucher sales or package redemptions. Find out more about gift voucher liabilities here

Dashboard views

The Dashboard is split into three main views:


Business overview

Shows appointment, product and sales summaries; appointment and staff productivity; customer breakdown; rebooking and retention rates.

Further Sales and retention information can be found in the Executive summary report. So if you'd like to drill down further, or view that information for another date range, give that one a whirl!

To take a closer look at your Productivity and booking percentage, for particular staff members or dates, then you can view the Staff Timesheet report.


Staff overview

Shows individual staff performance information such as service sales, product sales, average made per booking, and rebooking rates.

Note: Walk-in services will not be included in the Average per appointment figure.



The Activity dashboard shows what you have Coming Up, your Pending appointments, as well as Recent Activity.

Note: The Business and Staff overviews can be filtered by date, staff and location and the coloured indicators show whether totals are up or down compared to the previous period.

Rebooking and retention calculations

Two key figures on the Dashboard are the Retention and Rebooked donut charts. This information is important to most businesses and here's how they're calculated:

  • Retention: shows the percentage of customers who are returning customers, i.e, customers that you’ve seen before.
  • Rebooked: shows what percentage of your customers have booked a future appointment in the Calendar, i.e., they have rebooked their last appointment.

Note: The Retention and Rebooking percentages are based on individual bookings and not unique customers. This means that if a new customer has 4 visits in a specific date range, we will record all 4 of those bookings as being 'not retained’. If an existing or returning customer has 4 appointments in a specific period, then we will record all four of those as being ‘retained’.

Including busy time and breaks in staff productivity

To include staff breaks or busy time in the total hours worked on the staff Productivity chart

  1. Click the settings cog next to the chart title. 
  2. From the pop-up form, check the relevant boxes and click Save.

Controlling access to the Dashboard

By default business owners can see all three of these views, while staff can only see their own overview. This applies to Administrators as well, except their Dashboards will be empty.

If certain Staff (or Administrators) need to view the full overview or see how all staff are performing:

Head to  Account > Staff access (using the main account email address):

  1. The Business overview can be restricted to Individual accessall staff access or no access.
  2. The Activity dashboard can also be restricted to Individual accessall staff access or no access.
  3. The Staff overview can be toggled between no access or all staff (as it compares staff performance side by side).

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