How to move a booking to another location

If you a booking has been made at the wrong location, or you need to close off a location's calendar, you will need to move a booking to another location.This will need to be done separately from the regular  Reschedule process.

Changing the location of a booking will send an amendment email to the customer and the staff member(s) involved, if these are enabled. You can manually manage those notifications if you would prefer not to send a notification. Check out our  How to check sent and received messages guide for more information.


Move an appointment to another location

  1. In the Calendar, click on the appointment you need to move.
  2. When the appointment information box pops up, click Edit to adjust the booking:
  3. Click the Change link next to the location to view the options:
  4. Select the desired location from the drop down menu that will appear: 
  5. Then click Save and the appointment will be moved to the new location: 


Move a class to another location

  1. Click on the class in the calendar.
  2. This will default to the Customers tab, so head to the Details tab instead: 
  3. Click the Change link next to the current Location:
  4. Choose the new location from the options:
  5. Click Save to move the class to the new location:

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