Using the Facebook Call to Action button with Timely

Facebook business pages can make use of a ‘ Call to Action’ button. This button allows you to put a button that links to an external website in a prominent position on your Facebook page. 

As Facebook doesn’t support Apps on the mobile version, this is a great way to allow your customers to book online from their mobile.

The good news is it’s really easy to use the Call to Action button to connect to your online booking ith Timely! Here’s how:


Get your online booking link

  1. Head to Setup > Booking buttons.
  2. Select the Book now link option then copy the new URL (for best results, choose the Book now link that defaults to the mobile version option):

Add it to your Facebook page

  1. Head to your Facebook page and click ‘Add a button’.

  2. Choose the ‘Book Now’  button and paste your booking link into the 'Website' field.
  3. Click Create to complete the process.
  4. And there you have it, more publicity for your online booking widget on Facebook.

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