How to get the Timely iPhone or iPad app

Timely has a beautiful native iOS app that you can download from the Apple App Store for free. This app will work seamlessly on either iPhone or iPad and makes scheduling customers a breeze while you're on the go.

You must have iOS 9.3 or later installed on your iOS device to use the native app. To stay in the loop with any updates, or to check out our plans for feature development, check out our website:

Where to get it

  • Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, select the search option and specify "Timely bookings"
  • Launch iTunes on your laptop or desktop, choose iTunes App Store and search for "Timely bookings"
  • Open this link on your iOS app and click Install to download:

Once the app is installed, click to launch and enter your email address and password to access your Timely appointments.

Now you can take your business on the go!

Still need help? Get in touch with the Support Team Get in touch with the Support Team