How to view or edit an invoice

Once an invoice has been raised it can be viewed, edited, emailed, have payments applied and so on. 

In this guide we'll cover how to:

  1. View an existing invoice.
  2. Edit an invoice.

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View an existing invoice

There are a number of different places you can view an invoice from:

  • From the Calendar, select a specific appointment and click the View invoice button on the pop up:

  • From the Calendar sidebar, find the invoice in the list and click the invoice number:
  • From the Customers record, in the Sales tab: 
  • From the Sales tab, choose a date range and click the View button: 

  • From the Reports tab, run the Unpaid invoices or the Appointment schedule report and click on the links provided: 


Edit an invoice.

If you've already raised an invoice but need to make a change or addition then you can edit the invoice. To adjust an existing invoice open it from the appointment in the Calendar, the Customer's record or under the  Sales tab.

  1. View the invoice.
  2. Scroll down on the invoice and click the blue Edit button: 

  3. Click the button to open the Edit invoice window: 

  4. Make any adjustments as required.
  5. When you're done just click Save to apply your changes and update the invoice.

Things to remember

  • If the invoice has already been synced to Xero then those additional changes won't be synced. However, if the invoice hasn't been synced to Xero yet, then any changes made before the invoice is synced will be applied.
  • If a payment has already been applied to the invoice and you want to update the invoice to a lesser value then you will need to remove the existing payment prior to editing.
  • Payments can't currently be edited, if you want to make any changes to a payment you will need to delete the existing payment then apply a new one.
  • For those using the Vend integration, invoicing is handled a little differently which means you won't be able to edit invoices in Timely.

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