How to use recurring classes

Classes can be set up to recur just like ordinary appointments, although classes are a little different. 

For example, a fitness instructor wants to schedule 5 workout classes over 5 weeks with 10 customers in each class. Added to this, the clients need to attend all 5 classes in the series.

This article explains how to schedule and edit recurring classes and add customers to them.


Add a recurring class to the calendar

If the class happens regularly, you can set this up to be a recurring class.

  1. Click the available slot in the calendar where you would the class to be scheduled.
  2. Choose Add class from the options.
  3. When you are adding, or editing a class, go to the Recurrence tab:
  4. Select whether you want the class to repeat Daily, Weekly or Monthly:
  5. Set how frequently you'd like that to repeat e.g. Every 2 weeks, Every 3 weeks etc.
  6. Add a specific End date, set a class to end after x occurrence, or make it occur indefinitely by setting this to Never:
  7. Choose which days you'd like this to repeat on.
  8. When you're ready, click Save to complete.

Tip: To make a class recur fortnightly, choose 'Weekly' from the Repeat drop-down and '2' from the Repeat every drop-down.


Edit a recurring class

To change the day or time of an individual class:

  1. Find the class on the calendar.
  2. Click and drag the class to a new day or time.
  3. Choose "This only" for one class or "This and future" for the selected class and all that follow. Note that if you choose "This only" the class will be separated from the series. 


Delete a recurring class

Sometimes you might need to delete a recurring class, or an individual class in that series. 

To delete an individual class:

  1. Find the class on the calendar.
  2. Click the class so it pops up.
  3. Click the Cancel class button in the left-hand corner: 

  4. You'll then be asked how may classes you want to cancel:  

  5. Choose This only to delete this single occurrence.
  6. Choose This and future to delete the rest of the classes in that series.

Important information

  • To remove a customer from a class, select the customer in the Customers list and click the Remove from class button.
  • If they have been added to multiple classes, you can choose to remove them from This only or This and future.
  • Customers can be added to the class series at any point.
  • The class lists will display only those customers booked into that specific class.
  • Reminders will be sent for classes, in line with your settings.

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