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  1. Add a new appointment

  2. Add book now buttons to your website

  3. Add Google Analytics tracking to Timely

  4. Add more than one service to an appointment

  5. Add the book now button or booking widget to your Squarespace site

  6. Add the Timely booking widget to your website

  7. Add Timely to your Wordpress site

  8. Adding book now buttons and widgets to Weebly websites

  9. Adding customers to classes

  10. Adding multiple buttons to your website

  11. Adding the book now button or widget to a RocketSpark site

  12. Adding the book now button to a Vistaprint site

  13. Adding the book now button to a Wix site

  14. Adding the book now button to a Yola site

  15. Adding Timely to your Facebook Page

  16. Adjusting global SMS Settings

  17. Block out time with Busy Time & Breaks

  18. Can I have multiple staff using Timely on the same computer?

  19. Create and set up your Timely account

  20. Create recurring appointments

  21. Create your own payment types

  22. Customer reminders and notifications

  23. Customise the automated SMS templates

  24. Does Timely have an Android or Windows mobile app?

  25. Download the Timely iPhone or iPad app

  26. Email settings

  27. Enable online payments for appointments

  28. Exporting customers to an Excel file

  29. Getting started with classes

  30. Getting started with reminders and notifications

  31. Getting started with the Timely/Xero integration

  32. Getting started with thermal receipt printing

  33. Google Calendar two-way sync troubleshooting guide

  34. Guide to handing over your Timely account

  35. Guide to managing your Timely account

  36. Guide to the mini website

  37. Guide to the symbols used on Timely

  38. Guide to Timely reports

  39. Guide to Timely times

  40. How can I identify VIP customers?

  41. How can I update my credit card details?

  42. How customers redeem packages

  43. How do I select a second location on the calendar?

  44. How do I view invoices

  45. How does Timely prevent duplicate appointments?

  46. How to add administrators

  47. How to add cancellation reasons

  48. How to add customers

  49. How to add customers to partner accounts

  50. How to add holidays or closed days

  51. How to add locations

  52. How to add multiple appointments to a single invoice

  53. How to add new staff

  54. How to add notes to customers

  55. How to add products to Timely

  56. How to add services

  57. How to add your own appointment statuses

  58. How to apply discounts

  59. How to apply payments to invoices

  60. How to avoid Timely emails going to spam

  61. How to categorise and order your services

  62. How to change staff hours on the calendar

  63. How to check sent and received messages

  64. How to create a package

  65. How to create shortcuts in Timely

  66. How to customise the look of the online booking process

  67. How to edit an invoice

  68. How to enable online bookings

  69. How to get customers to book online

  70. How to identify new customers

  71. How to manage no-shows

  72. How to manage SMS credits

  73. How to merge duplicate customers

  74. How to raise an invoice

  75. How to remove or archive staff

  76. How to reorder staff

  77. How to roster your staff

  78. How to sell packages to customers

  79. How to sell products on Timely

  80. How to send a bulk SMS marketing campaign

  81. How to send a customer a one off message

  82. How to set fixed or specific booking times

  83. How to set individual notification and reminder settings for customers

  84. How to set staff booking frequency

  85. How to set up automatic day sheets

  86. How to turn on SMS replies and confirmations (two-way SMS)

  87. I've forgotten my password. Help?!

  88. Import your appointments from ClickBook

  89. Import your customers from BookFresh

  90. Import your customers from ClickBook

  91. Import your customers from EzyBook

  92. Import your customers using a CSV file

  93. Importing your contacts from and iPhone or iPad

  94. Importing your customers from Xero

  95. Integrating Timely with Google Contacts

  96. Integrating Timely with MailChimp

  97. Integrating Timely with MYOB

  98. Integrating Timely with QuickBooks Online

  99. Integrating Timely with Vend

  100. Invoicing classes

  101. Managing taxes in Timely

  102. Payment Gateway Connection Setup

  103. PayPal - troubleshooting and FAQ

  104. Promotional resources for partners

  105. Reconciling your payments in Xero

  106. Recording class attendance

  107. Registering as a Timely partner

  108. Reminders and Notifications - FAQs

  109. Request deposits from online bookings

  110. Requesting online payment for invoices

  111. Rescheduling and editing existing appointments

  112. Set access permissions for staff

  113. Set padding time between appointments

  114. Set stock levels and alerts

  115. Set the cancellation and online booking policies

  116. Set up mobile or roaming locations

  117. Setting up your Google Calendar one-way sync

  118. Setting up your Timely to Apple Calendar/iCloud sync

  119. Setting up your Timely to iPhone/iPad calendar sync

  120. Setting up your Timely to Microsoft Outlook calendar sync

  121. Share the love! Refer your friends and get free credit!

  122. Staff notifications

  123. Staff online booking order

  124. Star TSP143 cash drawer configuration

  125. Star TSP143 setup for Mac

  126. Star TSP143 setup for Microsoft Windows

  127. Supported payment gateways

  128. Syncing invoices to Xero

  129. System status

  130. The Calendar

  131. The Timely feature request process

  132. Timely & MailChimp troubleshooting guide

  133. Tracking package use and reporting

  134. Using one-way shared calendars with Timely

  135. Using Pencilled-In bookings

  136. Using the Google Calendar two-way sync

  137. Using Timely and Xero together

  138. Vend & Timely troubleshooting guide

  139. What do customers see when they book online

  140. What to do when your internet connection goes down

  141. Why can't my customers book online?

  142. Why can't my customers change their appointment?

  143. Working with recurring classes

  144. Xero & Timely troubleshooting guide

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