Integrating Timely with MYOB

If you are using MYOB to manage your business accounting, you can integrate Timely with your MYOB account. You'll need an MYOB AccountRight Live account to be able to use this integration.

Note: It's not currently possible to connect an MYOB Essentials account to your Timely account.

Getting started with Timely and MYOB

First you'll need to set up the connection between Timely and MYOB:

  1. Head to Setup > Add ons.
  2. Click Activate under MYOB.
  3. Click Setup MYOB.
  4. You will be redirected to MYOB to log in (use your normal MYOB details).
  5. Once you are redirected back to Timely, choose the Company file you wish to sync. Note you can only select this once so make sure you choose the correct file.
  6. Enter the username and password to access your MYOB company file (e.g. Administrator).
  7. Once you have entered your company file login details, go to the Invoice settings tab:

    Here you can select the Sales account for invoices, Default delivery status, Liability account for gift vouchers,Time of day to sync invoices as well as Choose the invoice number to use when syncing invoice.

  8. Then go to Account mappings and choose the accounts for your different payment types.

    Note: At the moment, TimelyPay and other online payment gateways (excluding Paypal) are mapped under the Credit card payment type. If you want to track/ reconcile your TimelyPay/ online payment and POS credit card transactions separately, you will need to: 

    • Have separate account categories for TimelyPay/ your online payment gateway and your payment terminal provider on MYOB.
    • Add a new payment type for your POS credit card transactions on Timely. Learn more about creating payment types here.
    • Map the Credit Card payment type to TimelyPay/ your online payment gateway.
    • Map to your POS credit card transactions payment type to your payment terminal provider account category.

9. Click Save to complete the setup.

Once the process is complete, your invoices will automatically be synced to the appropriate sales account(s) at the designated time. However, once the invoice has been sent to MYOB – further changes will not be synced. Additional payments will still be synced however.

Any Notes you add to the invoice, will be added to the MYOB invoice as Comments and the Reference will be added to the Customer Purchase Order Number in Xero.

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