Using the Google Calendar two-way sync

Sure you've got a business, but you've got a life too! Balancing everything can be hard, so it's easier when it's all in the one place. Having your Timely appointments sync to your Google Calendar, and your personal appointments sync through to Timely is super handy and this guide will show you how. 

When the integration is active, we will send a copy of your Timely bookings to the connected Google Calendar. For any events that are added to Google Calendar as Busy, we will block out that time in your Timely calendar.

This is perfect if you want to save yourself from double entry, or would like a copy of your Timely calendar to be available offline when you find yourself without an internet connection.

We recommend managing your schedule (bookings and busy times) in Timely, while using the Google Calendar integration to allow offline access to your bookings.

How does the integration work?

Note: When you first connect Google Calendar, or refresh the sync for a staff member, we will only sync future events between the calendars.

Once the integration is set up, you will be able to connect each staff member's profile in Timely to a single Google Calendar. 

It's possible to connect multiple staff to the same Google Calendar, but you can't connect multiple Google Calendars to an individual staff member.


In Google Calendar

When you are taken through the setup process, you will be asked select a Google Calendar you'd like to sync. This can be a calendar for a gmail address, or an individual calendar if you have multiple calendars on your Google account.

Bookings from Timely will then be shown on the connected calendar alongside any other events on that calendar: 

When you sync Timely appointments to Google Calendar, any changes made to the event in Google Calendar will be updated in Timely. If you delete a Timely booking from your Google Calendar, or move this to another Google Calendar, then this will cancel the booking in Timely.


In Timely

Your events from Google Calendar will then be synced to a default calendar in Timely. If you work at multiple locations you will need to select a specific location's calendar for those events to show up in. We'll make sure you also can't be booked at that same time in any other locations.

Events that are added from Google Calendar will be greyed out in Timely, with only the description shown:

These events can't be edited in Timely and won't be included in any reporting. For any bookings or events that you'd like to include in your reporting, make sure to add these directly to your Timely calendar.

What information can be synced?

You can choose how much of your Timely information you'd like to sync across:

  • Just your appointments.
  • Just your classes.
  • Your appointments and classes.
  • Everything (including Busy time and Breaks).
  • You can also decide if you would like pricing information to be synced.

Appointment information

We will include the details of the bookings as part of that sync, so you can see service details as well as customer information. 


Class information

Classes are no longer available in Timely.

If your account was created after the 1st of September, or you haven’t used classes in your account before then, you will no longer be able to access or use this feature. If you have already have classes in your account, you will be able to continue using them.

For classes, we'll sync across the details of the class, as well as a list of attendees:

Important information

  • When you create an all-day event in Google Calendar, the default setting for ' Show me as' is set to 'Available'. Only events where you are set to 'Busy' will be synced back to Timely, so if you edit the event in Google Calendar and change the status of the event to Busy then it will be synced. 
  • Timely does not support events with a duration of greater than 24 hours, so these will not be synced to your Timely calendar.  If you're wanting to block out time for some time off, it's better to use the Roster or Closed dates function to change your hours within Timely. 
  • If you have previously used the one-way calendar sync with Google and now use the two-way sync, then you'll need to make sure you unsubscribe from your one-way sync before setting up your two-way sync. Google Calendar have some detailed instructions for removing a calendar subscription, here:
  • If you use a third-party calendar app to manage your Google Calendar, not all changes may be supported. We recommend using the  Google Calendar app instead.
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