How to manually sync invoices to Xero

We make sure that your invoices are automatically synced to Xero each day, so you don't have to do anything or make sure the computer is logged in/on for things to happen.

You can set a specific time of the day for your invoices to sync. The default is 11pm, but you can adjust this at any time. Check out our How to set up the Xero integration guide for more information.

If you have historical invoices prior to integration that you'd like to bring across to Xero, or if you'd like to instantly sync an invoice or payment, you have the option to manually sync invoices to Xero.


Manually sync an invoice

  1. View the invoice (see the help article).
  2. At the top of the invoice, you'll see a yellow box with two options: Settings or Sync now.
  3. Click Sync now to instantly sync the invoice to Xero.

Manually sync a payment

If  you want to speed up the syncing of a payment for reconciliation purposes, here how you can do it:

  1. View the invoice.
  2. Scroll down to the Payment history section.
  3. Click the Sync to Xero button next to each payment item on the invoice:

Note: If an invoice was raised prior to the Xero integration being added to your account, any payments applied will not be automatically synced to Xero. You can manually sync those payments (see above) to make sure they appear in Xero.

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