How to check sent and received messages

Timely can send lots of automated emails and SMS messages to notify or remind your customers of their appointments. 

When messages are sent or received, they are logged on the Messages page.This can be accessed from the main menu:

Underneath this heading, you have a few options:

  1. SMS Replies (If Two-way messaging is enabled).
  2. Sent messages.
  3. Email marketing (via MailChimp).
  4. SMS Marketing (This is not supported in all countries).

With two-way disabled then only  Sent messages are shown with no menu options.

Watch the video below or read on to find out more!


SMS replies

If you have two-way SMS enabled, then you will be able to view any SMS replies from customers directly from your Timely account.

Note: Email replies from customers are sent directly to the account holder email address by default. If you have a separate address set up for your online booking notifications, then this email address will be used instead. You can update that under Setup > Staff notifications > Online booking notifications.

To view those replies, head to Messages and choose SMS replies from the options.

If you have any outstanding unread messages, these will be indicated by a green badge on the Messages tab. This will show how many messages there are too:

These replies include both messages from customers and replies to reminder which request a confirmation (Text Y to confirm).

There will be some basic information included for each message:

  • The date/time the message was received.
  • The customer involved and their SMS number.
  • The booking it's related to (if it's a response to an automated reminder or notification).
  • If any actions are taken as a result of the reply, then this will be shown in the Action taken column (e.g. Appointment confirmed). 


Sent messages

The Sent messages page is very similar to received messages but instead shows information about all SMS messages and emails that have been sent to customers (staff SMS are not shown here):

The status of all messages is shown, along with the content of those sent messages, which includes a link to the full email (click the link in the Message column to view) so you can see the entire message.

If messages are pending (i.e. not sent yet), they can be stopped by clicking the Stop all pending messages button:

For both the replies and sent messages the Refresh button (see above) will refresh the messages on each respective page.

Message actions

  1. Click "Send reply" to reply to the customer: 
  2. View the details of the related booking: 
  3. Open the customer's record: 
  4. Select messages using the checkbox(es) provided:
  5. Resend the message: 
  6. Mark the message as read: 
  7. Mark the message as unread: 
  8. Delete the message completely:

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