Getting started with Timely and Xero

Xero is an online accounting system that looks great and is easy to use. Timely can integrate with Xero to help manage your financial transactions created in Timely. 

What does the integration do?

When you connect Xero to your Timely account, we'll automatically make sure that your Timely invoices, and any associated payments, are synced across to your Xero account. So you only have to enter your sales information in one place.

Here's how that will look:

  1. The customer comes in for their appointment in Timely.
  2. An invoice is raised in Timely, with the appointment details and any retail products included.
  3. A payment is applied to the invoice and a copy can be sent to the customer.
  4. The invoice is then synced to Xero, along with the rest of the days invoices, at a time you choose.
  5. If you imported your customers from Xero, the invoice will be synced to the existing contact in Xero.
  6. Otherwise, a new Contact will be created in Xero based on their information in Timely.
  7. The invoice can be viewed, edited or emailed to the customer from Timely or Xero.

How do I set up the Xero integration?

Our  How to setup the Xero integration guide steps you through that process, but here is the general outline of how that works:

  1. Connect Xero to your Timely account.
  2. Adjust your Xero account settings.
  3. Map your payment types to your accounts in Xero.
  4. If you have customers in Xero, import them into Timely (Optional).
  5. Assign Xero account codes to your individual services and/or products (Optional).

Important information

  • At the moment the integration between Timely and Xero is only one way, this means that you can sync invoices and payments from Timely to Xero. This means that any changes made in Xero, (such as updating details, applying a payment in Xero or deleting the invoice entirely) will not be synced back to Timely.
  • Once an invoice has been synced to Xero, any changes made to an invoice in Timely will not be synced to Xero. So if you change an invoice in Timely, you will also need to update it in Xero. 
  • If you would like to delete an invoice across both systems, you will need to delete the invoice in both Timely and Xero. Deleting an invoice in one, will not automatically delete the invoice in the other.
  • It's free to integrate! There are no additional costs to use the Timely and Xero add-on. You will, however, need a subscription to both Timely and Xero. The cost of each depends on your plan with the respective service.
  • Our integration with Xero doesn't currently support Xero's inventory feature. If you would like to keep track of your product sales in Timely, in your Xero account, you will need to edit the invoice in Xero and update the product line to match the item in your inventory.
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