How to redeem packages [Video]

Once some packages have been sold to your customers then those customers can redeem them when their appointments are completed. 

Watch the video below, or keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

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How to redeem packages on appointments

Packages are redeemed when appointments are marked as completed.

  1. Select the relevant appointment and click on the appointment in the Calendar:

  2. From the pop up, click the Completed button. Appointments can be marked as completed in edit view too (see below): 

  3. When a customer has services that can be redeemed, they will be shown in a pop up list. Check the relevant services: 

  4. Click the Apply button. A new icon will then appear on that appointment (in the calendar):

  5. A message will also be displayed in the appointment pop up: 

  6. The package icon will display next to the services when editing the appointment: 

  7. Finally, the appointment invoice will show a $0 line item price (by default) with an icon indicating that this service has been redeemed through a package:

Note: if you raised an invoice before completing the appointment, the service line item will not be reset to zero:

How to redeem a package on a class

Redeeming classes is similar to services (as above) but occurs when attendance is confirmed for a customer.

  1. Head to the Attendance tab of a class on the Calendar

  2. Click Attended next to the customer who has attended the class:

  3. If packages are available to redeem then a pop up will appear permitting the redemption: 

  4. Once the package has been redeemed, the package icon will appear next to the customer's name: 

What happens when appointment completion is reversed?

Clicking the Completed button again (i.e., appointment is no longer completed) will mean that the redeemed services will be returned to the customer's package.

The following message will be displayed on the appointment pop up instead:

The Package icon will also be removed from the calendar display as well.

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