How to sell packages to customers [Video]

Once some packages have been created, they can then be issued or sold to customers. At this point you can use the default number of visits/minutes set for the package or adjust for individual customers.

When a package is sold to a customer an invoice is raised and a payment is applied or put on account. This means the package will appear in the reporting when it was sold rather than when it is redeemed by a customer. 

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Issue packages to your customers

Note that customers can purchase and use more than one package at a time.
  1. Head to the Customers page and open their record.
  2. Go to the Packages tab: 

  3. Click the Issue package to customer button: 

  4. Select the package using the field provided: 

  5. To process a sale immediately, check the box next to Take payment now

  6. You can also use the +/- buttons to customise the limits for this specific customer: 

  7. Head to the Validity tab if you want to change any of the expiry or redemption dates:
  8. Click the Save button to complete.
  9. If the Take payment now? box was checked, then an invoice will be raised automatically. You can then select a staff member and process the sale: 

If you unchecked the Take payment now? checkbox then the package will be added to the customers profile on the Packages tab as Unpaid. A package can still be redeemed even if a payment hasn't been applied.

To add an appointment for that package to the calendar, you can click the Book package button. Check out our How to book with packages guide for more information


Raise an invoice for a package

When the  Take payment now? checkbox is checked (see step 5 above), an invoice window will automatically pop up when you click Save on the issued package.

If this isn't checked at the time you can edit the package to raise an invoice:

  1. Find the customer in the Customers tab.
  2. Head to the Packages tab in their customer record: 

  3. Click on the Name of the package you would like to edit: 

  4. Make sure the box next to Raise an invoice is checked: 

  5. Then click Save to open the "New sale" screen.
  6. Choose a staff member from the Staff drop down list to record who sold the Package (the package total will be applied to this staff member only): 

  7. Make other changes if needed and click Save to apply. The package will now show as paid: 

You can then email the invoice to the customer, print a copy, apply a payment or even request online payment for the invoice.

Packages can be sold directly from the calendar or added to an existing invoice the same way as products can be, as long as there is a default limit set for that package.

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