How to create a package [Video]

Timely packages are designed for selling services or classes, in bulk, to customers at whatever price you like. 

The number of sessions can be set for each service or class in a package, by default or for each individual customer. These sessions will be tracked automatically, as they are redeemed by the customer.

In this guide we'll cover how to:

  1. Create a package and add basic details.
  2. Set a redemption start and end date.
  3. Choose specific services or classes to add to the package.
  4. Create a package that can be used for any booking (service or class).

Check out the video below, or follow the instructions after the jump!

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Create a package and add basic details

  1. Head to Setup > Packages
  2. Click the Add Package button
  3. Give your package a meaningful name (only mandatory field) and enter a SKU/Handle (like a product) and handy description

  4. Fill in the package details including the Cost price, Price you intend to sell the package and choose a Tax rate (if applicable)


Set the time frame to redeem the package

There are a couple of options to set the amount of time or the time period in which the package can be redeemed (i.e, the customer can use the sessions). Note that these two options can be used in conjunction with each other or on their own. 
  1. Set the length of time the package is valid for from date sold (i.e. how long after it's sold can it be used)
  2. Select the relevant duration from the drop down list (Days, Weeks, Months or Years)

  3. OPTIONAL: Specify a particular date range during which the package can be redeemed using the Redemption start date and Redemption end date
  4. Check the Send customer an email prior to expiry box if you want the customer to receive an expiry reminder

Example use for each option might be:

  • If the package expires 6 months after it is sold then use the validity option (Steps 1, 2)
  • If the package can only be redeemed in June then use the redemption option (Steps 3, 4)


Choose specific services or classes

At this point a specific service, specific class or a selection of either can be chosen to include in the package. For each service or class, the number of visits or amount of time can be specified.
  1. Choose the Specific service or Specific class tab depending on which type you would like to add

    Note that packages can only contain services OR classes but not a mix.

  2. Click the drop down arrow and choose a service or a class from the list
  3. Once you have made your selection, click the Add service or Add class button
  4. Click the blue Edit button and add the number of visits (or minutes/hours)

  5. Click OK when you are done.
  6. Add further items by running through steps 2-5
  7. When you are done, click Save to save the whole package


Apply a general service or class

For those times when specific services or classes are not required, set up a general purpose package like this:
  1. Select the Any service or class tab

  2. Click the Add "any service or class" item button

  3. Click the blue edit button and add the number of visits (or minutes/hours)
  4. Click OK when you are done
  5. Finally, click Save to save the whole package

Things to remember

  • Once a package is created, it can be sold to any customer and modified if required.
  • Packages can't be sold through the mini-website or the online booking process.
  • Products can not be included in packages.

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