How to create a package [Video]

Timely packages are designed for selling services or classes, in bulk, to customers at whatever price you like. 

The number of sessions can be set for each service or class in a package, by default or for each individual customer. These sessions will be tracked automatically, as they are redeemed by the customer.

In this guide we'll cover how to:

  1. Create a package and add basic details.
  2. Set a redemption start and end date.
  3. Add services to the package.

Check out the video below, or follow the instructions after the jump!

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Create a new package

  1. Head to Setup > Packages from the main menu: 

  2. Click the Add Package button in the top right corner: 

  3. Enter a Package name and SKU/Handle. You can use either of these to search for the package: 

  4. You can also add a description. This will only be visible for staff and won't appear on the final sale: 

  5. Set the Cost price and Price for the package: 

  6. Choose a Tax rate (if applicable) and check the box if the price listed Price includes tax


Set the package redemption limits

There are a couple of options to set the amount of time or the time period in which the package can be redeemed (i.e, the customer can use the sessions). 

You can adjust both settings individually:

  • If the package expires 6 months after it is sold then use the validity option.
  • If the package can only be redeemed in June then use the redemption option.

Package validity

This allows you determine how long the package is valid for, after it is sold e.g. a package can be used up to 6 months after it's issued.

Under the How long package is valid for from date sold heading:

  1. Choose if you would like this to be in Days, Weeks, Months or Years.
  2. Choose how long the package is for valid for e.g. 6 month.

Redemption date

You also have the option to specify a particular date range during which the package can be redeemed. This is great if you want to offer packages within a specific date or month e.g. limited time offers or membership situations.

  1. Set the Redemption start date - you will be able to redeem this against any appointment after this date.
  2. Set the Redemption end date - you will be able to redeem this against any appointment before this date.
  3. Check the Send customer an email prior to expiry box if you want the customer to receive an expiry reminder: 


Add services to the package

  1. In the Package items section, you can choose to set the package up for a specific service, or selection of services:

    1. Select Specific service to add specific services to the package.
    2. Select Any service to create a package for any visit.
  2. Select the service from the list and click Add service
  3. You can then choose to set a limit for the package. This can be updated when you sell this to the customer.
  4. Click the blue Edit button to set or adjust the limit: 

  5. Choose the Type of package - this can be a certain number of visits, hours, or minutes: 
  6. Enter the amount in the Quantity field: 

  7. Click OK when you are done, to save the limit.
  8. When you are done, click Save to create the package: 

You can now sell the package to a customer. Check out our  How to sell packages to customers guide for more information.

  • Packages currently can't be sold through the mini-website or the online booking process. 
  • Products can not be included in packages and will need to be added to sales directly. One way around this is to add the cost of the products to the package and manually reduce the stock levels once they've been sold .
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