How to buy SMS credits [Video]

SMS messages are a great way to communicate with your customers - we all know how close we keep our mobile phones and mobile is fast becoming the most popular method for customers to book online.

SMS in Timely can be purchased in packs, that carry over month-to-month and never expire. That way, you only have to buy as many SMS as your business needs.

Packs range in sizes from 100 credits to 10,000 credits. For full details of SMS pricing in your country, check out our website:

Every SMS message costs 1.0 credit and every reply will cost 0.5 credits.

You can manage your SMS credits, purchase SMS packs or enable automatic top up by heading to  Account > SMS credits in your Timely account. 

What types of SMS can you send in Timely?

  • Automated SMS reminders and notifications for customers.
  • Instant booking confirmations.
  • Automated SMS notifications for staff, or online bookings.
  • Sending a message to your customers in bulk, to share important news or a special offer.
  • Sending customers one-off messages, for their birthday or to clarify information further.

In this guide we'll cover how to:

  1. Check your SMS balance.
  2. Purchase a pack of SMS.
  3. Set your top up alert levels.
  4. Enable automated top ups.


Check your SMS balance

You can check your SMS balance in a couple of different places:

  1. By heading to Setup > SMS Settings
  2. By heading to Account > SMS credits:

If you run out of SMS credits we will keep any SMS messages generated during this period for 48 hours. If the account is then topped up those SMS will then be sent (as long as the booking time hasn't already passed).


Buy an SMS pack

SMS can be purchased in packs - in a variety of different sizes, from 100 to 10,000 - so you only pay for what you will need.

The bigger the pack the cheaper the price per SMS, so take this into account when purchasing your packs. SMS credits never expire and carry over month to month, so there's no time limit to use them up in.

You'll be able to view the pack prices in your account, but check out our website for more information:

To buy a pack of SMS credits:

  1. Login as the account holder, or a staff member will access to the Account settings.
  2. Head to Account > SMS credits.
  3. Click the Buy SMS credits button.
  4. Choose your preferred SMS pack from the pop up list, the price will be included.
  5. Click the Buy SMS credits button to finish.

At this point Timely will take a payment from the credit card on file and your balance updated.


Set the email alert threshold

Timely will send out an email when SMS credits reach a certain threshold. By default this is set to 50 credits but you can set this value as follows:

  1. Click the Edit link on the right-hand side of the SMS credits balance section.
  2. Choose a new threshold value from the pop up list. We recommend setting this to 50 to give yourself more room to move if credits run out in the middle of a reminder blast.
  3. Click Save to finish.


Enable auto top-ups

To take the worry out of manually keeping your SMS credit balance topped up, Timely also provides an auto top-up feature. Once this is enabled then your SMS credits will never run out.

  1. Click the Turn on auto top-up button (by default this feature is disabled).
  2. Check the Enable automatic SMS top-up? checkbox on the pop up.
  3. Set the threshold to trigger a new automatic purchase by selecting a value from the list.
  4. Choose your preferred SMS pack from the list.
  5. Click Save to finish.

Auto top-up has been enabled and when the threshold you chose is reached then the selected pack will be purchased automatically and your SMS credits topped up.

To find out more about how notifications and reminders work on Timely, take a look at our guide to  reminders and notifications.

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