How to use the Customer reports

Timely has a range of different reports that help you to find out more about your Customers. As with all of our reports, these customer reports can be printed and/or exported.

Note: Access to these reports can be controlled individually, so if you aren't able to see these reports then we would recommend contacting the account holder directly.


Customer list

The report will list all of the customers in your account.

This allows you to see a bunch of important information, like the customer's contact details, how many bookings they have, when they were last seen and who/where they were referred by.

This is the perfect report to use when backing up your customer information, or if you would like to use that customer data in another system (like a CRM or email marketing system).

To view a list of only your VIP customers, check this box next to the report selector:


Customers by date added

This allows you to run the Customer list report in the order that customers have been added to your customer list. 

This is a great way to find out how many customers you've added within a specific time frame, or suss out which customers you should check in with.


Customer package details

View a list of all the customer's who have been issued a Package within a specific time perdid.

This will include the details of the package issued, the date of expiry, status, pice and payment status, and how many visits are Available or Redeemed.


Customer gift voucher details

View a list of all the Gift Vouchers that have been issued in the selected period.

This will show the customer who purchased the voucher, the recipient, the name of the voucher, the value and how much has been Redeemed or is Outstanding.


Customer credit details

View a list of credit that has been issued in the selected period.

This will show the customer who has been issued the credit, the value, expiry date and how much has been Redeemed or is Outstanding.

Find out more about customer credit in our Getting started with customer credit guide.


Customer birthdays 

Grab a list of all of your customers who are having a birthday next month. Feed this into your marketing to increase bookings!


Customers retention

Find which of your customers haven't been seen in your business since a specific date, which is a great way to follow up on who needs an appointment.

For example: If you run that report for the 1st of January, then any customers that have been seen since the 1st of January won't been included in the report. Otherwise, all customers who haven't been seen since the 1st of January will be included. 

Results will be grouped by staff member, so you can identify which customers have switched to see another staff member too.


Customer notes

This report will show you all of the notes that you have entered against a customer's record, as well as any booking notes added directly to appointments or classes.

Find out more in our  How to add notes to customers guide.


Duplicate customer list

Find customer records that may be a double-up. You can then use the merge feature under the customers tab to tidy your database.

Check out our How to merge duplicate customers guide for more information.


Deleted customer list

See a list of all your deleted customers and restore any, as required.

Find out more in our How to archive and restore customers guide.


Customers by service

Find a list of customers who have booked a particular service during a selected time period. A super handy report if you want to identify a specific group of customers who have visited your business.

Select the Date range and then the Service or class:

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