How to merge duplicate customers

Sometimes your customer database can end up with duplicate customers despite Timely's best efforts to prevent this. 

Fortunately Timely makes it easy to identify and then merge these duplicate customer records. Merging customers allows you to combine the appointment history of two customers into the one record.

This article explains how to:

  1. Find duplicate customers.
  2. Run the Duplicate customers report.
  3. Merge customer records.


Find duplicate customers

  1. Head to the Customers tab.
  2. Start typing the name into the search field. Any customers that match your search terms will appear:
  3. If you look at the list of customers on the left of the screen, you can easily see any duplicates: 


Run the "Duplicate customer list" report:

  1. Head to the Reports tab
  2. Select Duplicate customer list from the list of reports:

  3. Click View report to generate a list of duplicates. These will be based on the First and Last name, as well as the contact details (Tel, Mobile and Email):

  4. Click the link next to a selected customer to be taken to that customer's record: 

Note: To open the customer's record in a new tab, right click on the customer link.


Merge one customer into another

When you are merging customers, there will be one Primary customer and one Secondary customer.

The Primary customer will be the record that will be kept and the contact details of the Primary customer will be used for the merged customer record. 

The appointments, sales and notes for the Secondary customer will be transferred to the Primary customer, then the Secondary customer's record is deleted.

  1. Head to the Customers tab
  2. Enter the customer name into the search field (as above)
  3. Select the secondary customer (that will be merged into another customer)
  4. Click the grey Merge button on their record:
  5. From the pop up, enter the name of the customer you want to keep (or the primary customer):
  6. Click the blue Merge button

This will delete the original customer and move any missing details and appointments to the primary (or second customer).

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