How to use the Appointment reports

You can get useful insights into your appointment activity with the appointment reports.

Note: These reports are based on the details of appointments that are booked in the calendar. If the price of a service is changed when the invoice is raised, or you have sold additional services to a customer, these won't be reflected in the Appointment reports.

Day sheet

The day sheet report shows a list of bookings for today, or a longer time period as required. Can be filtered by staff or location. Each booking is shown individually, and you can choose to include appointment notes. 

Want to send a copy of the day sheet automatically? Check out our How to set up automatic day sheets guide.

Appointment schedule

A full list of all of your appointments for a selected time period. Great for a backup or to import into other systems.

This includes important customer information, details of the appointment and some rebooking and retention information. You can also view the invoice associated with the appointment (if applicable), by clicking the link in the Invoiced column.

Bookings that are comprised of more than one service, will be grouped together in the report.

Cancelled appointments

Run this report for a selected time period to view a list of all of the cancelled appointments, which includes the date cancelled and the cancellation reason. You will also see a summary of the cancellation reasons at the top:

Incomplete appointments

View appointments that have not been marked as completed. Great for finding missing appointments to tick off at the end of the day.

No-show appointments

View a list of appointments where the customer did not show. Includes a count of the number of times the customer has failed to show.

Pencilled-in appointments

Run this report to view appointments still in pencilled-in status.

Declined appointments

See a list of all the Pencilled-in appointments that have been declined. This will include appointments that have auto-expired.

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