How to set up a Star TSP100/TSP113/TSP143 printer on a Mac

This help doc describes how to get your Star TSP 100/TSP113/TSP143 working on a Mac. 

Before you can print to your thermal receipt printer from Timely, you will need to install the receipt printer on your computer. This will involve downloading and installing a "Driver" so that the printer is recognised by your computer.


Download the required software

  1. Head to the Star website here:
  2. In the Please select section of the website, complete the details of your specific printer model:

  3. Click Submit to search for any relevant software.
  4. Click the green download icon to download this to your computer.
  5. Important: You are now ready to complete the final steps outlined in our How to use thermal receipt printing guide.


Install the software on your computer

Now that you have downloaded the required software, you can install this on your computer.

  1. Head to the Downloads folder, or the folder that your file has been downloaded to.
  2. Double-click on the folder to extract the files.
  3. In that folder, navigate to the Mac\CUPS folder and open the "starcupsdrv" file.
  4. Then navigate to the Driver folder and open the supplied .pkg file
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to complete installation.
  6. Once that's been done you can go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners.
  7. Your new printer will be shown here if it has been successfully installed.


Set up thermal receipt printing on Timely.

Now that you have installed the printer, you can make sure both Timely and Google Chrome are set up to print correctly.

Our How to use thermal receipt printing guide steps you through that process.

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