MailChimp troubleshooting guide

MailChimp is an awesome tool which helps you design email newsletters, share them on social media platforms, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. 

These are some frequently asked questions about the Timely/MailChimp integration. If you have a question that isn't answered here, contact us using the form at the bottom of this article.

When might customers not be subscribed to the list?

Customers will not be subscribed to a MailChimp list if:

  • There is no email address on the customer record
  • They have already unsubscribed in MailChimp
  • More than one customer in Timely shares an email address - this email address will only appear once
  • The customer is deleted in Timely
  • Customer merged in Timely - if the customer is merged, the email address of the merged (secondary) customer is unsubscribed in MailChimp. If both merged customers share the same email address, they are both unsubscribed.

Why aren't all my customers showing up in MailChimp?

Sometimes not all of your customers will sync to MailChimp. If this happens, try the following to force a manual sync:


Refresh customers

  1. Head to Setup > Add ons.
  2. Click Configure under Email marketing.
  3. Click Refresh Customers.

Force a manual MailChimp sync

  1. Head to Setup > Add ons.
  2. Click Configure under Email marketing.
  3. Click the Edit Settings button.
  4. Un-check all the customer segments and click Save.
  5. Click Edit settings again and check just the segments that are needed.
  6. Click Save.

Disconnect and reconnect

  1. Head to Setup > Add ons.
  2. Click Configure under Email marketing.
  3. Click the Edit Settings button.
  4. Click Disconnect to disconnect MailChimp.
  5. Reconnect as normal.

Disable required fields on MailChimp

Sometimes customer fields such as names, date of birth, etc. on MailChimp are inadvertently set to "Required". If any of these values are missing for a customer then the customer will not be synced over to MailChimp.

  1. Log into your MailChimp account.
  2. Click Lists from the main menu.
  3. Find the list that Timely syncs to and click the down-arrow to the right of the list.
  4. From the options presented, select Settings.
  5. Click the List fields and *|MERGE|* tags link
  6. Uncheck the Required checkbox for all fields except for the email address and maybe the firstname
  7. Click Save Changes when you are done

Check how many list fields you have

MailChimp has a limit of 30 fields of subscriber information, for each List. Timely uses 17 of these fields to sync customer details, such as contact details, birthdays and recent booking history to MailChimp.

If you are using the same list to collect email signups from your website - or have a number of custom fields in place already - then you may reach the 30 field limit, preventing your customers from being synced to MailChimp.

We recommend creating a separate list for customers added via Timely, to make sure those customers are synced correctly. MailChimp have a guide that covers how to manage your list and signup form fields:

Note: You can find out more about merge fields and what information we sync to MailChimp, in our Working with MailChimp guide.

Can I unsubscribe customers from MailChimp lists in Timely?

Nope, at the moment it's only possible to unsubscribe customers from lists directly in MailChimp.

Can I resubscribe a customer to my MailChimp list in Timely?

Subscriptions are managed by MailChimp, and MailChimp have strict policies around re-subscribing customers in line with anti-spam laws. 

If a customer is accidentally unsubscribed, or wants to re-subscribe, MailChimp have a help article on adding these addresses back to your list.

Can I manage email opt-ins/outs within Timely?

You can choose to show an ' Opt me in to receive marketing emails' checkbox during the online booking process to help manage your email opt-ins/outs. Here's how:

  1. Head to Setup > Add ons.
  2. Click Configure under Email marketing.
  3. Click the Edit settings button.
  4. Go to the Online bookings tab.
  5. Check the 'Show email marketing opt-in for online bookings?' box.
  6. The 'Email marketing opt-in checked by default?' check-box option will then appear. Check this box if you want the email opt-in to be checked by default when a customer books online. 
  7. Click Save.

If a customer checks the opt-in box while booking, you'll be able to toggle whether the customer is sent to MailChimp for email marketing. 

To do this, head to Customers and Edit the customer's record. Under the Notifications tab, check/uncheck the box next to Customer should be sent to MailChimp for email marketing.

Note: The customer needs to have subscribed via the online booking process for this option to be available. If the customer signed up via your website/other means then you will need to update their subscription in MailChimp directly.

Is there a cost to connect to MailChimp? 

Connection to MailChimp is included in the cost of your Timely account. 

There is no cost to connect MailChimp to your Timely account. MailChimp even has a free plan available if you have less than 2000 subscribers (and/or customers). If you would like to use MailChimp's Automation features then you would need to use one of their paid plans.

Check out MailChimp's website for more information and to find out which plan is for you:

Can I add a book now button to my email campaigns?

At the moment, MailChimp doesn't support adding custom codes or script to their email campaigns. However, you can include a linked image to your online booking process within your campaigns. 

To find your booking link, head to Promote > Booking button and select the Book now link option. Copy the link that is generated:

MailChimp have a guide to creating linked images which you can use. You can use your own image, or use one of the Timely booking button images below. 

To save an image, right click the image and ' Save image as.

Why are my online booking links not working?

If you are wanting to add online booking links or a buy gift voucher link to your MailChimp campaign, you will need to make sure that the eCommerce link tracking setting is disabled (unchecked).

You can check/update this under Setup in the Campaign:

This setting will add tags to the end of any of your links, which interferes with the online booking process.

You can find out more about eCommerce link tracking in  MailChimp's guide.

Tip: When creating a MailChimp campaign that includes any links, make sure to send a test email (or preview the campaign) to make sure all links are working correctly.

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