How to use discounts

Timely provides a way to add a series of discounts which can be applied to invoices. These discounts can be applied to the entire invoice, or against an individual invoice line.

In this guide, we'll show you how to:

  1. Set up your discounts.
  2. Add a discount to an invoice.
  3. Reporting on discounts.

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Set up your discounts

Before you can start discounting your services and products you will need to add some discounts to your account.

We’ve provided you with a “ General/Misc” discount to start with, but you're welcome to add your own discounts as required.

You have a couple of options when applying a discount:

  • Generic, where you can specify the discount when adding it to the invoice.
  • Apply a percentage discount (For example: a 10% student discount).
  • Apply a discount at a fixed amount.
  1. Head to Setup > Discounts in your Timely account: 

  2. Click the Add discount button.
  3. Give the discount a Name and select the Tax rate (if your business uses multiple tax rates, use Not applicable): 

  4. Choose which Discount type will be applied from one the dropdown: 

  5. If you choose a Percentage or Fixed amount discount, you can then add a Discount value i.e. 10 for percentage, or 30.00 for amount): 

  6. If you have Xero connected then you can choose the Xero account that the discount will be attributed to.
  7. Finally, click Save to add your new discount. It will appear at the bottom of your discount list: 

When applying a discount to an invoice, the tax category must match the service or be "Not applicable", otherwise you will end up with a negative subtotal and your invoice will not save.


Add a discount to an invoice

Once you have some discounts added, you will be able to discount individual services or products, or entire invoices.

This is done when you first raise, or Edit, an invoice:

  1. Raise an invoice from the Calendar or the Sales tab.
  2. Click the scissors next to the line item that you want to apply the discount to:

  3. To apply a discount to the whole invoice, click the scissors next to the Total.
  4. From the pop up, choose the discount code from the drop down list and add a discount amount if required: 

  5. Click Apply discount to apply the discount to the item/invoice.
  6. The discount will then appear under the item that is discounted, with a negative value: 


Reporting on discounts

If you're routinely giving discounts to customers you may wish to keep track of those total discounts given, or identify which are your most popular discounts.

The total value of Discounts given will be shown for each staff member, as well as the business as a whole, in the Executive summary report:

If you'd like to drill down further and see which discounts are most popular, you can check out the Discounts section of the Sales report:

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