How to add notes to customers

Often businesses need to keep notes about their customers that they can refer to later on. Notes could include customer injuries, preferences, address access, other issues, pretty much anything that staff need to be aware of. 

Timely makes it very easy to add a series of notes against customers, there are a few different types of notes you can make in Timely:

  1. Customer notes
  2. Dictating notes
  3. Add booking notes to an appointment
  4. Customer Alerts

You can also report on customer notes for the whole business, as well as for each individual customer.

Head to the Reports tab and run the Customer notes report. This will show you all customer and booking notes for your entire customer list:

To view a list of all notes for a specific customer you can head to their customer record, pop to the Notes tab and hit the Print notes:


Customer notes

  1. Head to the Customers tab.
  2. Find and select the customer you would like to add a note to.
  3. Select the Notes tab: 

  4. Click the Add note button: 

  5. Write your notes in the space provided: 

  6. Click the Save button when you are finished.

Once the note is added it will appear on this page as part of a list of notes for this customer and the notes tally will change: 

Did you know?

You can also print out a full list of these notes by clicking the Print notes button as well as printing notes for all customers by running the Customer notes report. 

Customer notes are only accessible directly from the customer's record. To view these from an appointment or the calendar click the View notes button from the sidebar: 


Dictating notes

It can get really busy when you're dealing with clients and often the last thing you want to do is stop and type out client notes. By dictating your client notes you can easily keep track important information. Note dictation can be done on any mobile phone.
  1. On your mobile phone open the customer section of either the iOS app (image left) or Timely's mobile site (image right) and click 'Add note'

  2. Click the microphone icon. Here we are showing the iOS app, Timely's mobile site on an Apple phone, and Timely's mobile site on an Android phone.

  3. Start speaking. Your notes will automatically be added as you are talking.
  4. Click Save/Done when you are finished


Add booking notes to an appointment

These are notes that are linked directly to a specific appointment.  Booking notes won't show up with the Notes section of the client file but will appear in the  Print Notes which can be accessed directly from the customer's profile along with any Customer Notes
Booking notes will also appear in the Customer Notes report 
To add a booking note to an appointment:
  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar
  2. Click Edit in the appointment pop out
  3. Go to the Notes tab
  4. Enter the Booking notes in the field provided
  5. Click Save to update

Once a booking note has been added it will show up in the appointment pop up, highlighted in blue (see below). A speech bubble icon will also show on the appointment in the calendar: 


Customer Alerts

If you have important customer notes or alerts that need to be accessible from both the customer's record and from their appointments in the calendar then you can add these notes or alerts to the  Alerts field.

Check out our  How to add alerts to customers guide.

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