Symbols and icons in Timely

When you're using Timely, you may spot some symbols or icons on your appointments, customers or elsewhere in your account. 

We've put together a list of all the icons that we use in Timely, so you know what they mean:

  1. Appointment icons.
  2. Calendar icons.
  3. Navigation icons.
  4. Feature icons.

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Appointment icons

The following icons can be seen when viewing an appointment in the Calendar and/or from the customer's record.

Booking icons

This appointment was booked by the customer online.  

There is a booking note or comment on this appointment.

This booking is a recurring appointment.

The status of the appointment is "Arrived", as the client has arrived.

The booking has been marked as "Did not show".

The booking has been marked as have staff specifically requested.

Customer icons

This customer has an alert in their record.

This customer has been marked as a VIP.

Sales icons

There is an open sale attached to this booking.

There is a completed/paid sale attached to this booking.


Calendar icons

The following symbols/icons refer to specific actions you can perform from the Calendar:

View/change the location that the booking takes place at.

View or change the staff member associated with an appointment or service. This can also be used to view your account menu (in the top-right corner of the page).

Refresh the calendar to show any recent additions or changes.

Print a copy of the current calendar view, in day sheet format.

Turn privacy mode OFF and ON (this blurs out customer names and prices so they can't be seen).

The clock icon next to each date in the Calendar allows you to adjust the working hours for that staff member, for that specific date.


Navigation icons

The following symbols/icons refer to specific menu items or actions you can perform from the main menu in Timely.

Main menu

Add a new appointment to the Calendar

Raise a new sale. This can be for a product, service, appointment, package, voucher or credit ( and can be found in the top-left corner of the page).

 Click to view any important notifications about your account from the Timely team (can be found in the top-right corner).

Click on this icon to check the system status, view our help guides or get help with your account.

Other actions

 Edit or make an adjustment to the customer's record.

Add other items or services to an appointment or sale.

 Delete or remove a service from a booking, or a line item from a sale.

Contact a customer via SMS or email.

Find out more information about a feature or setting.

View or change the settings on the Reports page.

Download a report or image.


Feature icons

The following symbols/icons refer to specific features or functions in Timely:

An appointment. This can also be used in a number of places to jump to that booking in the calendar.

This is a service, used within an appointment on its own or with other services.

This is a service group, that can be used within an appointment.

This is a group or "class" booking.

This refers to a customer note, that is recorded directly in their record.

Sales related features and icons

This is a package of services or classes that has been issued to a customer. You will see this icon on a booking, if a customer has packages available.

This refers to credit that has been sold/issued to the customer. This will appear on open sales, if the customer has any credit available.

You can use this icon to apply a discount to an individual item on a sale, or to the entire sale.

This refers to a gift voucher or gift card. You can use this icon to redeem a voucher against an open sale.

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