How to allow customers to change or cancel their appointments online

Your customers can change their own appointments using a link included in their appointment confirmation email. By default, customers won't be able to alter their appointments, so this will need to be enabled first.

This is what the link looks like at the bottom of a customer's email: 


Allow customers to change their bookings online

  1. Head to  Setup > Online bookings in the main menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Cancellation and changes section: 
  3. Check the box next to  "Include a link in emails for customers to change their booking": 

  4. Select the cut off time for appointment changes or cancellations. This can be set to a specific interval (like 24 hours before), or you can make changes possible at Anytime

  5. You can then enter any Additional cancellation terms if desired. These will appear in the online booking process and in the customer's emails.

  6. Click Save to update.


Don't allow customers to change bookings online

If you don't want customers to be able to change bookings online, then you can turn this feature off. This will allow them to make the initial booking, but they will need to contact the business to cancel or reschedule.
  1. Head to Setup > Online bookings in the main menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Cancellation and changes section.
  3. Uncheck the box next to Include a link...
  4. Set When appointments can be changed or cancelled to Never

  5. Click Save to apply.

  6. You can then turn off online bookings completely, if desired.

Important information

Now that this feature is enabled there are some rules that mean your customers won't always be able to alter their appointments. Instead they will get a message to contact the business. 

The following rules apply when a customer wishes to change or cancel a booking:

  • Customer appointment changes must be enabled (as described above).
  • The appointment date must be in the future.
  • The appointment date must be outside the policy period for changes (under Setup > Online bookings).
  • The appointment must consist of one service only.
  • Appointments can't be cancelled if an invoice exists for that appointment, but they can be changed.
  • Recurring appointments can't be changed by the customer.
  • Cancelling or changing class bookings online isn't currently supported, customers will need to contact your business directly to change or cancel their class booking.
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