How to add new customers to your Partner account

Timely partners can add new customers to their partner portals so that they can help their clients manage their Timely accounts. 

In this guide, we'll cover how to:

  1. Create a Timely account for a business.
  2. Access a customer's record.


A new Timely customer

If the customer is new to Timely and doesn't already have an account with us, then there are a couple of different ways to add a new customer to your partner portal.

Share your unique partner link with them

As a partner you will be given a unique link that can be shared with customers, so we can identify that you've referred a customer our way.

  1. Head to the Badges & Promotion tab: 
  2. Copy the link under #2 the Share your partner link.. heading: 

When a customer uses this link to sign up for a Timely account, we will recognise that they have used your unique link. 

This will add that business to your list of Customers in your partner portal.

From the Customers page

If you have the customer in front of you, or if you will be the main administrator on the account, you can register an account on their behalf.

  1. Login into the Timely partner portal.
  2. Select the Customers tab in the main menu:
  3. Click the Add a customer button:
  4. Fill out the required information to complete the process.


Access a customer's account

Access to your customer's account can be granted by the customer once their account is connected to your partner account. This allows you to help your customer with setting up their account and to provide ongoing support. 

Note that your customer must enable this permission to allow your access to the account:

  1. The customer will need to log into Timely using their account owner email address.
  2. They can then go to Account > Login details

  3. Click the Edit button under the Enable partner access section: 

  4. Check the Allow <your partner name> to login to your account? checkbox: 

  5. Click Save to update and apply any changes.

Once this has been done, you will see a Log in button next to that customer on the Customers page: 

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