How to add services

Whether you offer one service or 50, in order to make appointments, you will need to add all the services you offer into your Timely account. 

You can set the price and duration, build in gaps between appointments/services, combine services into service groups, and control which services can be booked by clients online.

Services can also be added directly to a sale, without a booking being created, which is perfect for walk-in customers or for any add on services performed during the client's appointment. 

  1. Create a new service
  2. Assign staff and resources to the service
  3. Service Groups

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    Create a new Service

    1. Head to Setup in the main menu and select Services from the options:

    2. Click the green Add service button in the top right corner.
    3. Add a unique Service name then describe the service in the Description field (which can be seen by customers online): 

    4. Choose a Category if these have been set up (see the How to categorise and order services guide for more information).
    5. Check the box next to Customers can book this service online if you'd like the service to be available online. Check the box next to This service is a video call to offer an online appointment: 

    6. See the Video Call Services guide for more information 
    7. Select a Price type

    8. Then add an amount if required (This value is used in sales calculations and online booking payments):
    9. Add Tax (if applicable): 
    10. Specify a Duration for the service and a unit of time (hours/minutes).
    11. If extra time is required for clean up, or to get ready for the next service, then you can add some Padding time or Processing time to the service:

      1. Processing time: Creates a free space or gap after a service which allows other customers to be booked in to that space. You can only apply processing time  AFTER a specific service: How to set up processing time
      2. Padding time: Prevents other customers from booking into this slot, without adding extra time to the customer's appointment. This is perfect for preparation or cleanup time between appointments: How to set up padding time
    12. Choose a Colour to distinguish this service, this will be the colour used for bookings in the calendar:  


    Assign staff and resources to the service

    1. Scroll down to the Staff section on the service page: 
    2. If all staff can perform this service click the Select all checkbox:
    3. Otherwise, click the checkbox next to the relevant staff member.
    4. In the Resources section, assign a Resource required? to the service (optional). See the How to create a resource guide for more information
    5. If you require any specific information for this service, you can add an Optional booking question (Find out more):

    6. If you have online payment enabled, you can chose to use your default setting or use a different payment policy for this service (More information here: Online Payments).

    7. Click Save to complete the process and create the service.


    Service Groups

    Service groups are an easy way to group services that you would normally perform together, especially if they include padding or processing time between them.

    Service Groups are great for ensuring certain services are always performed in the right order and can be added to appointments easily.

    For more information on how to set these up and how to use them see our Service Groups guide

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