How to use multiple locations

Some businesses have multiple locations which can be set up easily on Timely. 

Once you've set up a new location, a staff member can then be rostered specific hours at that location. They will have a separate calendar at each location, but we'll automatically make sure that they can't be doubled booked across all working locations.

If you add a booking, busy time, or break at one location, then that time will no longer be available online at any of your other locations. 

You can manually double book an appointment by adding a booking to the calendar, you will receive an alert which can be ignored and the booking saved:

To manage multiple locations you will need to:

  1. Add another location to your account.
  2. Roster some staff at the new location.
  3. View that location in the calendar.
  4. Re-order locations to your preference.


Add another location to your account

  1. Head to Setup > Locations in your account.
  2. Click the Add location button: 

  3. Determine the Location name and if you would like the location to be Fixed or Mobile.
  4. Complete the address details (if applicable).
  5. To make it bookable online, check the box next to Customers can book this location online.
  6. If you have multiple staff, you can set hours for the location. These don't affect the availability online, but will be displayed on your Timely mini website: 


Roster some staff at that location

If the location is not appearing in the list of available locations then it means that no staff have been assigned hours for this location.
  1. Head to Setup > Staff.
  2. Click the Edit button next to a staff name.
  3. Scroll down to the Normal working hours section.
  4. If you have multiple locations, they will be listed on top of each other in this section:
  5. Otherwise, you will be able to switch between locations to view their hours at each location: 

  6. Check the days and set the times for when that staff member works at the location. Make sure to click each location if they work at others.
  7. Click Save to update and apply. 
  8. Head back to the Calendar and select that location from the list.


View or select the second location in the calendar

Once you have more than one location, you will be able to switch between locations in the calendar.

If a staff member is rostered on at two locations, they will have a separate calendar for each location. Don't worry, we'll automatically make sure they can't be double-booked between locations.

To select another location, click the location selector found at the top-left of the calendar (the House icon) and choose the required location from the list:


Re-order locations to your preference

The default ordering for locations is based on the order were added to your account. E.g. The first location you add will show first in the list.

Re-ordering locations to your personal preference is easy, simply  clickdrag and  drop.

If you have online booking enabled, the order you choose in your settings will flow through to online booking. 

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