How to add products to Timely

Can’t see Products in your account? Products are available on our Schedule and Sell plan. To upgrade to this plan, check out our How to change your Timely plan guide.

Your business might have a full range of retail stock on offer, or complimentary products that are sold alongside your regular services. 

With Timely, you can easily add products to your account and sell them to customers. To add products to your Timely account:

  1. Head to Setup > Products
  2. Click the green Add Product button
  3. Enter a product Name, SKU/Handle (a unique identifier e.g. a barcode), a Description
  4. Add a Cost price (the cost to you as the business) and the retail Price.
  5. Select a Tax rate (if required) from the drop-down list.
  6. You can add then current stock levels at each location in the Stock control section. Check out our How to set stock levels and alerts guide for more information:

  7. If desired, add a photo of the product:
  8. Click Save to add the product to your stock.

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