How to reset your Timely password

Forgot your password? Reset your password by following this link:

To make sure your account is kept private and secure, you and your staff will require an email address and password to be able to login to your Timely account.

Your Timely password will require at least 12 characters.

Need some inspiration for choosing a great password? Check out this guide for some tips.


Changing your password

If you're logged in to your account and know your old password, then you can change your account password in Timely at any time:
  1. Head to Account > Login details
  2. Click the Change password button: 
  3. Enter the Current password. Enter the New password.
  4. Click Save to update your password: 


Resetting your password

Occasionally our memories will fail us and we forget our passwords. Here's how you can reset your password and get back up and running with Timely:
  1. Go to the Timely login page:
  2. Click the Forgot your password? link: 

  3. Enter the relevant staff email address: 
  4. Timely will then send instructions on how to reset the password to the specified address.  Make sure to click the reset link while on your laptop/computer as this process won't work on mobile.

  5. Click the Reset my password now button, or link, in the email: 

  6. Enter the new password and confirm it, before clicking Save new password:

For security and privacy reasons, password reset emails will expire after 24 hours so make sure to jump in and set your new password, as soon as possible.

Locked out?

If you mistype your password or have forgotten it, then you will have 5 attempts before a Captcha will appear and require you to prove you're not a robot. Complete the puzzle to confirm before trying again.

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