What to do if your internet is disconnected

Timely works from your web browser, meaning there's nothing to install or keep up to date. This means that if your internet connection goes down you won't be able to access your live Timely calendar. If your internet stops working, try troubleshooting your device, check your modem or get in touch with your ISP (Telco). 

Fortunately there are a few things you can do to help prepare for this scenario:

  • Have a backup internet connection, e.g., tether your computer to a smartphone or tablet's mobile connection.

  • Check your Day sheet report for a detailed summary of the days appointments. You should receive an emailed report from us every day that lists out your upcoming bookings. This is sent in the early hours of the morning so it's ready to go for the day ahead, a great back up option if you are in a bind.

    You can turn this daily report on and off by going to Setup > Reminders and under the Advanced section check the box next to Send an automatic email each day with a copy of your appointments attached under Automatic day sheet report.

    If you're able to access another internet connection day sheets can also be generated from Reports > Day sheet, this can then be saved offline or printed for the day ahead. 
  • Sync your Timely calendar to Outlook, Google Calendar or your smartphone. Appointments are usually updated every 15 minutes to these 3rd party calendars. It only takes a few minutes to set this up.
    See our guides for more information here:  http://help.gettimely.com/category/336-sharing-your-timely-calendar

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