Using Timely offline | What to do if your internet is disconnected

Timely is an online system, which allows you to access your Timely account from anywhere, at any time. Because everything is stored securely in the cloud, you won't need to download software, install updates or back up your information.

However, this does mean that you will need an internet connection to use Timely

We've put together some tips for how to stay on top of business, if you find yourself without wifi:

  1. Use your phone's hotspot.
  2. Download the Timely iOS or Android app to your device.
  3. Receive a list of your appointments daily.
  4. Share your Timely calendar to access it offline.


Use your phone's wifi hotspot

If your wifi is disconnected, or you're unable to connect to the internet in the salon, you can use your mobile phone or tablet as a "hotspot". This allows you to share the mobile broadband your device is receiving with other devices or computers.

The process differs between devices, but you can use the following guides as a starting point:


Download the Timely iOS or Android app

To use Timely while you are out and about, you can download our iOS or Android app. This gives you access to Timely's core features, when you need them.

Check out the guides below for more information:


Receive a list of your appointments daily

To make sure you have a back up copy of your appointments for the day, you can set up "Automatic day sheet emails". This will send you a copy of your appointments for that day, every morning. This is perfect if you get stuck without internet and need to check who is visiting today.

The day sheet report includes other relevant client information, like their contact details, appointment details and any booking or client notes:

You will need to enable this for the business first, before you can enable this for each staff member. 

Check out our How to send automatic day sheets guide for more information.


Share your Timely calendar to access it offline

While you will need an internet connection to access Timely, it's possible to share a copy of your Timely calendar to an external calendar system, like Outlook, Google Calendar or your device's built-in calendar.

When this is enabled, we will send your appointments and any changes to the calendar link, every 15 minutes. Your calendar will keep a record of this, so you can access the most recent version on your phone or calendar. 

Check out our  How to sync or share your calendar guide for more information.

If your device has been offline for awhile, then the external calendar may not have the most up to date version of your Timely calendar. You will need to bear this in mind when viewing your schedule. Any changes made to events in the external calendar won't be reflected in Timely.

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