How to add appointments to the calendar

If you're reading this guide, chances are you're new to Timely! We hope you're having an easy time learning how to use our appointment software, however make sure that you reach out to our friendly support team if you need any help. In this guide, we're going to get you up to speed with everything you need to know about adding new appointments to the calendar. 

We'll cover how to:

  1. Add a new appointment to the calendar.
  2. Add a customer to the booking.
  3. Add services to the appointment.
  4. Add notes and other information to the appointment.
  5. Make an appointment recurring.


Add a new appointment to the Calendar

There are a couple of different ways you can add a booking to the calendar:
  1. By clicking on the free slot in the calendar and choosing the Add appointment option: 

  2. By using the add booking button (from anywhere in your account): 


Add a customer to the appointment

You have the option to search for an existing customer, or create a new one when adding a new appointment.
  1. To search for an existing customer, start typing in any of the customer fields. You'll be shown some possible matches. 
  2. Click on the correct customer to add them to the booking: 

  3. If you want to add a new customer, enter their details in the fields provided. If we don't find any matches then their record will automatically be assigned as a New customer: 
  4. To remove a customer from the appointment, click the "x" next to their details: 

Tip: Use the "enter" or "return" key to select a customer, or "tab" to hide the search results.


Add services to the appointment

Now that you've got the customer added, you can add some services to the booking.

You can add as many services as you like and even assign services in the booking to different staff members.

  1. Click on the field next to Service 1 and select a service from the list. 
  2. The default settings for this service will be added to the appointment details, but you can update these if desired:

  3. To add another service, click the green [+] next to the price field and repeat the search process:
  4. To assign services to other staff, update the Staff field.
  5. Click Save to create the booking, or read on to add further information.

When customers have multiple services in their appointment, they will only receive one reminder. This will be for the start time of the first service.


Add further information to the appointment

You can then add some more information to the customer's booking:
  1. The Booking status will automatically be set based on your default settings (Find out more): However, you can change this if desired.

  2. If you go to the Address tab at the top of the booking window, you can add/edit a Physical address and Postal address for the customer. Or, add an Appointment address:

  3. In the Notes tab, you can add any relevant or important information. If you have asked any booking questions, they will be shown here too: 

  4. Click Save when you're ready to add this to the calendar.


Make the appointment recurring

If your customers like to book their appointments at the same time each day, week or month then add a new appointment and set it to recur (repeat). 
  1. When adding a new booking to the calendar, click on the Recurrence tab (this won't be possible for multi-service bookings): 

  2. Choose the required interval from the Repeat drop-down list. You can choose "Daily", "Weekly, or "Monthly": 

  3. Next, set the Repeat Every field to how often you want an appointment to recur. For example: if you want fortnightly appointments, choose "Weekly" then select the number "2" from the Repeat every list
  4. You can set the appointment to End After (x) occurrences, on a specific date or to set no end date, choose Never:
  5. Click Save to update the appointment and add it to the calendar.
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