How to give staff access to your account

It's good business practice for owners and managers to control what their staff can see and do in Timely. For example, administration staff might only need access to calendars and specific reports, and salon staff might need to see their calendars only.

Timely gives account holders (or business owners) the ability to easily control access for all staff and administrators.

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How to set staff access

Only the account holder will be able to grant and update access to the account. So to make any changes or give someone access to your account you will need to be logged in as the account holder.

  1. Log into your Timely account as the account owner.
  2. Select Account in the main menu and choose Staff access from the options: 

  3. A list of staff and administrators will be displayed with their current access level (Full access, Restricted access or No access) and last login date and time:
  4. Next to each staff member, there will be an Edit access button which allows you to edit what areas of the account they have access to.
  5. If the staff member or administrator hasn't been given access to the account yet, a Grant access will be shown instead (see below).


Give a staff member access

If you have recently added a staff member or administrator to your account, you will need to Grant access to allow them to login.

This option will only be available to staff who have an email address listed under Setup > Staff. So if a staff member is missing, make sure to update their address there first.

An email address can only be used once in Timely, so if their email is added as an admin on the account already (or with another business using Timely) then you won't be able to give them access under that same address.

  1. Click Grant access next to the staff member/administrator:
  2. At the top of the page, toggle the access to On

  3. Click Save to update their access.This will send an email to their address, which will contain instructions on how to set up a new password. If that email hasn't come through, make sure to check the spam/junk folder!


Adjust a staff member's access

Once a staff member has been given access, you can further determine what areas of the account they can access. 

This covers everything from the Calendar to Sales, as well as the ability to hide client contact details and pricing.

Our  How to restrict staff access guide steps you through those options in more detail.


Remove a staff member's access

If you want to remove or revoke a staff member's access, you can do the following:

  1. Using the account holder Timely login, head to Account > Staff access.
  2. Click Edit next to the staff member.
  3. Toggle this to OFF at the top of the page:
  4. Click Save to apply. 

This will immediately log the user out and will prevent them from being able to access the account, or reset their password.

Important information

We don’t recommend giving a staff member or administrator access to the Account area unless absolutely necessary, as this includes billing information for your Timely account.

For privacy and security reasons, we strongly advise against sharing your account holder login details (email address and password) with other staff members.

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