How to customise your SMS message templates

In Timely, you have a range of automated messages that you can send to customers:

  1. Booking reminders.
  2. Booking confirmations and notifications.
  3. Notifications for customers who do not show up.
  4. Follow-up messages.
  5. Rebooking reminders.

These are a great way to keep customers in the loop with their appointments, without having to manually contact each customer individually.


Using Placeholder tags

When you create a new automated SMS message, you will be prompted to set the SMS template
We will give you a default suggestion, but you can customise those messages to suit your specific business:

This is done using " Placeholder tags", which you can see on the left-hand side of the screen - the number in brackets is the number of characters you will need to use that tag. 

When you add a Placeholder tag to an SMS template, we will automatically populate the customer's message with the relevant information:

If you want the appointment message to read:

Hi John, this is a friendly reminder of your appointment with Doe Day Spa on Fri, 2 Aug at 11:47 AM. Look forward to seeing you!

Then you should write it up like this:

Hi FIRST_NAME, this is a friendly reminder of your appointment with BUSINESS_NAME on BOOKING_DATE. Look forward to seeing you!

The place holders must be spelt correctly (including the underscores) and they must be in upper case. Feel free to copy and paste the placeholders from the list provided.


Adjusting the SMS template

Now that you know how to use placeholder tags, you can craft your SMS template. Remember you only have 160 characters, so use them wisely!
  1. Head to Setup > Customer messages in the main menu.
  2. Locate the SMS message in the list and click Edit:  
  3. Scroll down to the SMS template section: 
  4. Click anywhere in the Your message field to start editing the message:
  5. Copy any relevant placeholder tags from the left-hand side and paste these in the Your message field: 
  6. Check the Preview below to see how this looks.
  7. If you are setting up a reminder message and have two-way confirmation enabled, then you will see two previews.

    A Preview for confirmed bookings and a Preview for 2-way confirmation for bookings that are not yet confirmed: 

    Note: When Two-way confirmations are in place we'll automatically add a "Text Y to confirm" to the end of your message, so you will have less characters available.

  8. If you make a mistake, or want to start from scratch you can use the Reset to default button to start again.
  9. Click Save when you're ready to apply your changes.

Important information

  • SMS messages are restricted to 160 characters, so you may need to get creative with your wording.
  • Messages will come from a randomly generated number, so make sure to include your business name so customer's know who the message is from.
  • Placeholder tags aren't currently supported in ad-hoc (one off) messages or bulk SMS messaging.
  • The place holders must be spelt correctly (including the underscores) and they must be in upper case. 

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