Integrating Timely with Google Contacts

We've integrated Timely with Google Contacts to make keeping track of your customers even easier. 

The Google Contacts integrations will:

  1. Import your contacts in bulk from Google Contacts (Upon setup only).
  2. Sync all of your customers in Timely across to Google
  3. Automatically sync any changes to Customers in Timely to your Google Contacts.

The integration will not sync any new Google Contacts to Timely.

We will send the following customer information across to Google Contacts:

  • FullName
  • GivenName
  • FamilyName
  • OrganizationName (Timely CompanyName)
  • EmailAddress
  • Telephone
  • SmsNumber
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • TimelyCustomerId
  • TimelyCustomerVendId

Import your customers from Google Contacts

This is a perfect solution if you're moving from a paper diary and/or have been using your address book to keep track of your customers.


Connect Google Contacts to your Timely account:

  1. Head to Setup > Add ons from the main menu: 

  2. Click Activate next to Google Contacts Customer sync integration (not the Calendar): 

  3. Click the Setup Google Contacts button: 

  4. If you have multiple Google accounts you'll be asked to choose which account to use.
  5. The first time you try this, Google will ask to authorise Timely to access your Google Contact data. Click Allow to continue: 

  6. You'll be returned to the setup page and shown that the Google Contacts connection has been activated.


Choose which lists to sync

  1. Click the Edit settings button: 

  2. Select which Default group you would like your Timely customers to sync to. Once this is selected, this is the group that will be used to import/export contacts to.

  3. Decide if you would like to Synchronise customer deletions to Google Contacts? this will automatically delete a contact if they have been removed in Timely. 
  4. Click Save to update.


Import your contacts into Timely

  1. Click Import customers to add your Timely customers as Google contacts. It may take a little while to import all your customers: 

  2. You have now linked your Timely account to Google Contacts. Whenever you add, edit or delete a customer in Timely, these changes will automatically update in Google Contacts.


    Note:The integration is currently one-way which means that changes made to customers or new customers added to Google Contacts will not be updated in Timely. Customer notes are not synced to Google at this time. 

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