How to add more than one service to an appointment

Often customers like to have more than one service performed for a single appointment. Fortunately, Timely makes it easy to add lots of services to one appointment - where each service can have their own duration, price and staff member. 

The other benefit of adding multiple services to a single appointment is that only the one reminder and notification will be sent to the customer.

Tip: If you regularly perform these services together, why not add them as a Service group?


Add another service to an appointment

  1. From the Calendar, add a new appointment.
  2. After adding the customer, add the first service (Service 1) by selecting a service from the drop down list.
  3. Set the Staff, ResourceTime, Duration and Price fields accordingly.
  4. To add a second service, click the green [+] button: 

  5. Select the next service from the list (Service 2): 

  6. The default settings including the duration and price will be entered. The service will automatically have a start time at the end of the first service, but you can adjust this as required: 

  7. Continue to add any additional services as required: 

  8. Click Save to add the booking to the calendar.
  9. Once the appointment has been created, the services will appear individually on the calendar despite being part of a group: 


Add multiple staff to the same appointment

If you have a customer that is visiting multiple staff in one visit, you can keep all of their services in the one appointment. This is particularly handy if a service requires two staff members.
  1. Once you've added the first service to the appointment, assign it to that required staff member.
  2. Click the green [+] to add another service to the appointment.
  3. Select the other staff member from the Staff drop down: 

  4. The Start time will default to the end of the first service, but you can change this to match the start time of the other service, if both staff are required at the same time.
  5. Add any other relevant services and staff.
  6. Click Save to add the appointment to the calendar.
  7. You'll be able to see each service in the staff member's calendar: 


Allow customers to book multiple services online

Your customers can also choose multiple services when they book themselves in online. First this feature needs to be enabled.
  1. Head to Setup > Online bookings.
  2. Check the Allow customers to book appointments with more than one service checkbox: 

  3. Click Save to update your settings.

Things to remember

  • Only one reminder and notification will be sent for the entire appointment.
  • Services can be individually dragged, stretched and deleted.
  • Dragging a service to a different day will prompt a message asking if the service can be split from the group.
  • The appointment status (e.g., confirmed, completed) applies to the single appointment rather than the individual services.
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