Getting started with Timely and Vend

Vend is web-based point-of-sale and inventory management software for retail businesses, which includes an eCommerce platform, loyalty system and integrated payments (card readers and Eftpos machines).

You can use Vend alongside Timely to take payments for your appointments and to sell any retail products to clients. 


How the Vend integration works

When Vend is connected, your scheduling will still be managed in Timely, but anything sales related will happen in Vend:

  1. The customer makes a booking with your business, either online or in store.
  2. When they come in for their visit and the appointment is completed, you can click Take payment directly from the appointment.
  3. We'll send the details of that appointment (including the services, staff member and customer involved) to a new sale in Vend.
  4. You can then add any services or products to the sale in Vend and apply a payment to complete the sale.
  5. Once completed, you are returned to Timely where the appointment will show up as Completed and Paid.


What features in Timely aren't supported

When Timely and Vend are linked, Vend becomes the master record of sale.

To prevent any confusion and double-handling of information, any sales features in Timely are automatically disabled. 

This includes the following features in Timely: 

  • Raising invoices for classes: we recommend adding your classes as products in Vend and selling them to customers there instead.
  • Adding your own payment types, taxes or customising your sales settings. These can all be managed in Vend.
  • Online payments require an invoice to be raised, which isn't possible when Vend is connected.
  • Discounts, Gift vouchers and Customer credit: these can all be managed in Vend directly.
  • Retail products and walk-in services will need to be added to Vend directly. You can manage stock and add products to sales there directly.
  • Rewards will need to be managed outside of Timely.
  • As all your sales information isn't recorded in Timely, you will need to run any financial reporting in Vend instead.
  • Packages can be issued and redeemed in Timely, but will remain as Unpaid. You can sell these as products in Vend to record payment.


How do I connect Vend to my Timely account?

  1. Connect Vend to your Timely account.
  2. Sync your customers between Vend and Timely.
  3. Import your Vend taxes into Timely.
  4. Map your staff and locations to Vend.

Our  How to setup the Vend integration guide steps you through that process in more detail.

If you use Xero as well then this will have to be connected to Vend directly, not Timely. This  guide from Vend steps you through the process.
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