Start here: How to create booking buttons, links and widgets

Allowing your customers to book online is a great way to increase your bookings. In Timely, you can create booking links, widgets and buttons to make it easy for your customers to book online.

You can create a link/button/widget for a specific service, category, location or staff member as well as a combination of those options.

You can use as many buttons, links, or widgets at one time as you like, and even use links in your emails or on your social media accounts.

Important information

If you have a mobile or responsive website, or would like the online booking experience to be as seamless as possible for mobile customers, we would recommend using the booking button or link options instead. 

The booking widget is contained within an iFrame, which has limited capabilities when it comes to responsive web design.


Get started

Head to Setup > Booking buttons (Promote section) in your Timely account to build your booking button, link or widget: 


Select what you want to be bookable

Build your booking option by choosing a specific  LocationCategoryService or Staff or select All to create a general booking option.

To create a general booking option, just make sure that you select the " All " options when choosing what you want to be booked.


Pick the form

Decide whether or not you’d like it to be a button, link or an embedded widget:  For the Book now button you can choose either a  Dark ButtonLight button or to use your Own button image. 

When you select  Own button image a field will appear (see below) that allows you to enter a URL (or link) to your own image. The must already be available online so you can't use an image from your computer.


Give it a go!

Test it out using the demo button/link/widget to see how it will look on your website. 


Add it to your website

Copy the code that’s generated and paste this in your website editor. For more information on how to add Timely booking to your website, make sure to check out our website guides.

Note: You will need to have administrative access to your website to add the code to your website. If you don’t have access or aren’t comfortable with html, just pass the code to your website developer/designer to add instead.

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