Why am I being charged extra?

If you have seen some additional charges on your account, you can find out more about some possible explanations below:

What is a "Pro-rated component" or fee?

The price of your plan is based directly on the number of active staff you have under  Setup > Staff. When adding a new staff member to the account, you will be notified of the additional monthly fee.

If you add a staff member part-way through your billing cycle, you will be immediately charged a " pro-rated" fee for that staff member. This covers their calendar for the remainder of that billing period. The staff member will then be included in your regular monthly bill.

Why is there a $1 transaction on my credit card statement?

When you add or update your credit card listed against your account, our payment gateway wiil automatically attempt a $1 (or similar) transaction to confirm that the card is valid.

You should see this transaction be removed or refunded in due course. This process can take anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks to be removed/refunded, depending on each individual bank.

If you've been waiting longer than a few weeks or are concerned with the charge, you can get in touch with your bank directly to reverse the charge.

Why is there an "International Transaction" fee on my statement?

You may in some cases see an extra charge on your card called "international transaction fee," or similar. Some banks and payment cards will add the extra fee on top of the account charge, so the total you see is slightly higher than what your invoice will say.

Sometimes the extra fee will not be clearly labeled, so you will need to contact your bank to confirm why it is being added. 

Why is this fee being charged?

Even though we'll charge you in your specific currency, some bank and card providers will add an additional charge, as Timely's bank account is based in New Zealand.

This typically appears to be 1-3% of the invoice cost that is added on to the total payment, or listed separately on your card.

Who is getting that money?

The extra fee is going to the bank or the card provider (Visa, Mastercard etc). We only receive the amount listed for your subscription (under Account > Billing > Billing details > Plan cost) and any additional purchases (e.g. SMS packs).

A full history of the charges made against your account and any payments applied, can be found under  Account > Billing > Payment history:

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